Dirt 5 Update 6.00 Will Bring Fixes, Freebies, and a New Expansion


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Get ready to tear up the dirt in several new events, cars and tracks

Codemasters and Electronic Arts Inc. have expanded Dirt 5 with the Wild Spirits Content Pack. This pack brings two new cars, 25 career events and five more trophies for drivers to collect as they race around the iconic tracks – and that isn’t everything as Update 6.00 also brings some free goodies for all players.

Dirt 5 Update 6.00 Will Bring Fixes, Freebies, and a New Expansion

In the Wild Spirits Pack, you’ll be able to finally drive the highly anticipated Ford Bronco Wildtrak 2021 and the terrorising Prodrive Hunter. These will be accompanied by an all-new Career chapter where racers will be awarded multi-class event races and more of the weather dynamics that Dirt 5 is popular for.

You can’t have new events without new sponsors, which means Alpinestars and VP Racing Fuels shall be joining the sponsor roster adding new customisation items for your cars.

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This pack will be free to those that own Dirt 5 Amplified Edition or the Year One Upgrade. If you didn’t get these editions then you can buy the pack separately.

Arriving at the same time as the Wild Spirits Content Pack is Update 6.00 that will be bringing two new challenging Moroccan routes to players. These include Ojana and Tinghir which will put your driving skills to the test through intense sandstorms, big jumps and difficult terrain.

The MINI Cooper SX1, Armada Engineering Unlimited Truck, Volkswagen Beetle Rallycross, Porsche Macan T1 Rally Raid, and Renault Magane R.S RX will also be getting some real-world liveries for you to paint your car in.

According to Development Director Robert Karp, players are going to love the new cars, so you better get driving them.

The 6.00 update will also bring some fixes to the game and the developer has posted the patch notes ahead of time over on the official Discord channel. The update and the content above will all release on September 2nd, 2021.

DIRT 5 Update 6.00 Patch Notes (PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC)

  • Two new Morocco Stampede circuits, Ait Ojana and Tinghir, with reverse variants • Five additional iconic liveries
  • Overhauled opponent driver AI to increase challenge and excitement all modes and scenarios
  • New Rewards Multiplier tied to chosen vehicle rankings. Players will receive greater rewards for succeeding in events with lower-ranked cars within a vehicle class.
  • Resolved instances of irregular object snapping in Playgrounds at Papoose Lake
  • Resolved instances of missing ambient audio for multiple Playground arenas on objects
  • Fixed environment bugs allowing players on Greece events to fall out of the game world
  • Fixed instance of incorrect label for second place in Playgrounds Weekly Challenges
  • Resolved issue causing players to be reset to track incorrectly on Brazil’s Rio Seafront, Turn 8
  • Resolved rare instances of crashes during online play
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