How to Quote Something in Discord on Mobile


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Discord is an amazing messaging app, mainly oriented toward gamers. As such, it focuses on seamless communication online, without drawing too many resources from a user’s device. That said, not all of Discord’s great features are so simple and transparent.

How to Quote Something in Discord on Mobile

One of the more lackluster features used to be quoting others, but luckily Discord listened to user feedback and updated their software. Now you can quote on mobile, desktop, and the web version of Discord with very simple commands.

Read on and find out the simplest way of quoting on Discord, as well as a new alternative method.

Getting Started

To get started, make sure you have the Discord app from the official website. Here’s the download page with direct download links for every supported platform (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux).


Since this article is mainly targeted toward mobile users (iOS and Android), make sure that your operating system is up-to-date and install the app on your device. Update it to the latest version, if you’ve previously installed it.

Updating the app is important because the quote feature was only added recently. If you’re using a different device, don’t worry, using the steps in this guide will work on all platforms

Why Quoting Is Important

Quoting someone can be very useful, especially in a hectic environment such as Discord. If you ever joined a huge channel, with say, about 100 people or more, you know what we mean. A lot of people talking at once can lead to some important messages going unnoticed.

When an online conversation isn’t one-on-one, but rather among multiple people, there can be a lot of confusion. The person you’re replying to might think you’re replying to someone else, for instance. But all unnecessary confusion can be easily avoided by quoting that person.

Many other messaging apps, such as Slack, have the quote option natively built-in. But do bear in mind that Discord is different to Slack, as they have completely different user bases. One is meant for work use, while the other is built for gamers.

Nonetheless, many people take Discord seriously as well, especially popular streamers, YouTubers, game developers, etc. If you’re serious about any of the mentioned occupations, you’ll have your Discord server. So, you may as well learn the ins and outs of app itself.

How to Quote on Discord

The original method of quoting on Discord used to revolve around code blocks. This method isn’t so difficult at all. It uses backticks to mimic quoting. A backtick is the ` symbol on your keyboard (below Esc).

You can use a single backtick to quote one sentence:

e.g., How are you doing?

`How are you doing?`

As you can see, it works as captions. You need to enwrap a sentence with a backtick at the beginning and the end.

Of course, you can quote more than one line of text. For this purpose, use three backticks “` to enwrap the messages. Here’s an example:

This wasn’t so difficult

Quoting on Discord is easy

Don’t you think?

“` This wasn’t so difficult

Quoting on Discord is easy

Don’t you think?“`

The New Method

The other method you’re about to learn was introduced not so long ago. It uses right arrows > instead of backticks, and you don’t need to enter the symbols at the end of the line. Follow the instructions to use a single line quote on Discord with this new method:

  1. Launch the Discord app on your mobile (or another device).
  2. Enter a channel or chat with a friend.
  3. Copy a message from the chat.
  4. Enter the typing field and press > followed by space, then paste the message. Then press Send.
  5. Add your reply to the quote as you normally would.

Here are the instructions for multi-line quotes:

  1. Enter Discord chat of your preference.
  2. Copy a message you want to quote.
  3. Enter three right arrows (>>>), press space, and paste the message. Press Send.
  4. Continue chatting, adding your replies, thoughts, or memes (optional step).

There is a third way you can use quotes on Discord, but it involves Discord bots, which isn’t necessary. If you wish, Google search Discord quote bot, and you should find a lot of them. Note that this isn’t recommended for beginner users and people who aren’t tech-savvy.


Easy Quoting on Discord

Now you know how to quote on Discord mobile or desktop. Both of the methods here are equally effective and simple enough. Keep in mind the difference between single-line and multi-line quoting, and you should be all set.

Finally, if you’d like to learn more about Discord formatting (using bold, italics, strikethrough, underline, etc.), here’s a neat link for you. It directs you to the official Discord support page, which also discusses the methods for quoting we just showed you.

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