E3 2020 Registration is Now Open


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E3 2020 is 114 days away, and today is the first day that you can register to attend gaming’s biggest event of the year.
If you’ve been waiting patiently, or impatiently, for registration to open, the good news is that registration for media, industry and gamers is now open.
For regular folk just wanting to go and have a mooch around the massive Los Angeles Convention Center, the gamer badge will cost $165, and they’re on a first-come, first-serve basis, so if you’re really up for you you’ll need to put your money where your mouth is, and fast!
If you’ve got money to burn and an itch to see and do as much as possible during the three-day event, you’ll want the Premium Badge which costs an eye-watering $995. For your money you’ll get the following:

E3 2020 Registration is Now Open
  • Three day Expo Badge
  • Access to our VIP Lounge which provides a quiet atmosphere to plan and strategize your time while at E3, check emails, access business and concierge services, meet with colleagues
  • Dedicated service for E3 hotel reservations with access to the best available hotel selections through E3 Housing (Housing Opens Soon).
  • Catered breakfast and lunch each day
  • Exclusive Industry CEO VIP Reception
  • Daily Networking Receptions in the VIP Lounge
  • Access to the Exhibit Hall through a dedicated VIP Entrance
  • Access to LA Live activations
  • Discounts for Premium Badge holders at the Official E3 Merchandise Store

For media (why are you even reading this, fellow media folk?) registration is just like last year, and you’ve got until May 12th to get your application completed. Failing that, there’s on-site registration available each day of the show.
E3 came under fire last year for leaking the details of thousands of media folk, and since then the ESA has been hammered with bad press. Sony ditched the show floor last year and will do the same this year. Many are calling this the death of E3. Me? I’m calling that bollocks.
The ESA is trying to push the convention towards being a fan event, which is fine. Fans are the people who buy the games, after all, so there’s no hard feelings from us here at Pure PlayStation. It’s still going to be the E3 we all know and love: games, games, and maybe a little bit of drama during a livestream or two. It wouldn’t be E3 without some silly shenanigans, would it?
You can register/buy your access here.
E3 2020 will start on June 9th and finish on June 11th at the Los Angeles Convention Centre. If you missed my novel-length write up about my E3 2019/Las Vegas adventures, you should give it read here. Fair warning: it’s a very, very long, but fun, read.

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