EA Motive has Started Work on the Iron Man Game


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EA had announced that they would be working on an Iron Man game back in September, but we’ve yet to get any update since then.

EA Motive has Started Work on the Iron Man Game

Now thanks to an AMA on Reddit (via GamesRadar), it’s been confirmed that the Iron Man game is already in development, and it’s coming from Dead Space remake developers EA Motive.

Not much details have been revealed about the game, but we should expect another single-player, third-person action game—not unlike Crystal Dynamics’ Guardians of the Galaxy game. I think it’s also worth noting that the director for Iron Man will be GOTG producer Olivier Proulx.

There are probably several reasons why the Avengers game failed to take off, but if you check it out, there some bits and pieces of what could have been a great game. Since comic book heroes are usually tied to narratives, I think the single-player route is what would really work for a lot of properties, especially with a character like Iron Man.

With Tony Stark currently out of the main MCU, there’s a lot of room for video game Iron Man to shine. After Secret Wars though, I do suspect that we’re going to get multiple versions of the same hero, with a new Iron Man taking place in RDJ’s spotlight.

Personally, I think a hero shooter like Overwatch should be something Marvel should explore. With so many OW clones out there now, you can’t imagine the success of another clone with playable Marvel characters.

No release date has been announced for EA’s Iron Man.

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