F1 2021 Will Go Lights Out on PS5, PS4 July 16th, Free DLC and Upgrades Planned


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F1 2021 will be launching on to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 this summer, with free DLC in the planning, too. But this extra content may not be what you think it is as it sounds like it will be filling in a few gaps rather than bolstering the selection. Perhaps time got the better of Codemasters/EA this time round (or logistics)?

F1 2021 Will Go Lights Out on PS5, PS4 July 16th, Free DLC and Upgrades Planned

F1 2021 promises to bring all the cars, drivers, teams and races from this season on to your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 on July 16th. There is also the promise of free additional content, as well. However, this generosity fails to have the impact it could have had as the DLC sounds a little disappointing. But perhaps I’m expecting a bit too much in these Covid days.
It does at least contradict the premise of a complete season on disc, though, with at least a couple of rounds missing at launch.

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You see, my disappointment lies in the fact that two out of the three tracks labelled as free DLC are actually on this year’s calendar. Granted, the sport hasn’t yet gone to either yet (though the first, Imola, is scheduled for this weekend). But they are fully fledged members of the 2021 season, something the game is meant to recreate in digital form. So, if two of the races are scheduled to drop sometime after launch, how is a realistic career mode going to work? Will they simply slide on to the end of your run, or will the career have to be restarted?
I’m sure there are technical reasons behind this delay with Imola and Portimão, which will also be joined by the Jeddah street circuit (which was incidentally left off this year’s schedule). And it is undeniably better that they’re included – eventually – than missing altogether. However, it does leave questions open as to how the continuity will be affected and how long we will be left waiting for their inclusion (imagine if they’re going to be a staggered release!).
It’s not all doom and gloom, though. That’s because anyone who buys the game on PlayStation 4 will be able to upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version for free. This next generation release is expected to enjoy not only improved loading times and graphic, but DualSense support too. However, the latter is yet to be confirmed and no gameplay was actually included in the trailer above. Still, at least it isn’t cancelled.
Finally, F1 2021 will boast a new story mode – called Braking Point – which promises to recreate the rollercoaster ride that is the journey from F2 to F1. And career mode will also be playable cooperatively, with both drivers choosing to either be team mates or rivals. I’m sure the latter option will be very popular indeed…
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