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Discord is a fun platform that’s primarily intended for gamers but it’s often used for banter among friends. Faking messages on Discord is simple and easy and doesn’t require any special tools. There are a few ways to do this.

How to Fake Discord Messages

Developer Tools

All you’re really going to need in order to fake Discord messages is a Discord account and an internet browser. Google Chrome is used as an example here, but this can be done in any other browser in a similar way. Bear in mind that you can’t fake messages using the Discord desktop app, as it doesn’t have the required Developer Tools option.

Click the three vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner of Chrome, from the dropdown menu select ‘More Tools‘ then ‘Developer Tools.

Inspect Element

Once you’ve logged in to Discord using Google Chrome, navigate to the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, select More Tools and click Developer Tools. You can also do this by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + I shortcut. This will open the Inspect Element window, which will allow you to edit Discord messages.

Replace Text

If you want to replace someone else’s text, find the message that you want to fake, edit, or create by yourself. Find a box that has a cursor inside in the top left and click on the text that you want to fake/edit. When ready to use, the cursor will turn blue. Double-click the text element with the message that you want to edit and press Delete. Type in your own words.

Change Username

With Inspect Element, you don’t have to stick to messages only. You can edit any text that Discord allows you to. For example, if you want to change someone’s username, click its corresponding element, and simply replace the text. Everything after role=”button” can be deleted and replaced.

Change Date

If you really want to confuse your friends, here’s something that they won’t expect. You can change the date by selecting the message in question and entering the new one. The format that Discord uses is M/D/Y. Edit the text after datetime=”000000000”. Why not enter a date from the future?

Add Emojis

Adding emojis looks a bit scarier if you’re not used to working with code, but it’s just as simple as everything else in Developer Tools. Here’s the template that you’ll want to use for editing emojis:

<img src=” /assets/(image id).svg aria-label=”:emoji_name:” alt=”other_name” draggable=”false” class=”(emoji class)”>

This may look a bit scary, but once you get a hang of it, you’ll be editing smileys with ease. Here’s the context for the :grinning: emoji:

<img src=” /assets/assets/5c04ac2b97de83c767c22cb0028544ee.svg aria-label=”:grinning:” alt=”:grinning:” draggable=”false” class=”emoji jumboable”>

Note that the :grinning: emoji ID is:


Embed Editor

Embed Editor is a useful online tool that can essentially help you make your own Discord message. It is very simple to use and has a preview field that shows you what each of the fields adds to the fake message.


The main downside of using this method that you have to know exactly what format Discord uses. This method might be easier to use than by using the Inspect Element option, but it will require you to compare your fake message with the legitimate message format, which is going to take time.

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Other Ways

Of course, there are many tools available online that can help you fake Discord or any other messages. Creating fake conversations is useful for many things, from joking around with your friends, to creating advertisements. So browse around the web for these tools, and keep in mind that some have paid plans that offer even more features. But if you want to create fake messages on Discord for banter purposes, it’s enough to stick with the Inspect Element and Embed Editor methods.

All Jokes Aside

The biggest part of Discord may be the gaming community, but fraud and cons can happen here, too. Many people have been robbed of their gaming accounts that they’ve been building and investing money in for years.

Additionally, Discord is commonly used by the crypto community, where huge deals tend to take place online, often over Discord itself. Given how easy it is to fake Discord messages, one can end up tricked into sending important details to a cybercriminal impersonating a person of authority. So before you share any sensitive information, remember how easy it is to create believable fake Discord messages.

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Staying Safe and Being Careful

The above two methods can be used by frauds and cybercriminals, and they can also get used to stir up trouble and spread malevolent gossip. However, this doesn’t make them sinister. If your intentions are good and you are in it only for the joke, go ahead and surprise your friends with an authentic-looking fake Discord message.

Did you try any of these methods? Which one do you prefer? Have you ever encountered a cybercriminal trying to con you on Discord? Discuss in the comments below.

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