Fall Guys Season 4 Is Now Available; Patch Notes Inside


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It’s time to throw a party in space with Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 4, which is jam-packed with aliens, lasers, neon lights and hoverboards.

Fall Guys Season 4 Is Now Available; Patch Notes Inside

A new out of this world experience is being introduced with the new space and time inspired rounds. Skyline Stumble seems like an early standout; 60 players will battle through the round with many futuristic space-age obstacles. Some other fun looking rounds have also been added, such as Big Shots and Hoverboard Heroes.
Perhaps the most interesting feature with the new season is the introduction of squads. Let’s be real; no party would be complete without your squad behind you. In the new squads mode, players must qualify together as a squad of four; then, the entire team will triumphally be victorious if any squad members win the final round. That will make scooping up some trophies far easier.
Despite space being sometimes described as an empty vacuum, that will certainly not be the case for the new season’s active daily challenges. Players will be able to log in every-day to receive new possible challenges, which will earn packs of fame and the new currency called crown shards. When you have earned 60 crown shards, they will be transformed into a shimmering new crown. This will make collecting these new shards valuable little items.
If a jumping bean really wants to be a real shooting star of the show, they can live out their dreams with the new Popstar Pack, including outfits such as ‘Punk Rock Princess’ and ‘Pop Royalty’.
The beans may be competing in space in these new rounds, but they won’t be crash landing as much with several character improvements. These adjustments will see sturdier beans, which means the beans can now take hits from other players far better.
We’ll list the Fall Guys Season 4 patch notes below, so you can see the changes for yourself. Will you be space-landing onto Fall Guys Season 4?

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 4 Patch Notes –

Season 4 Rounds

  • Skyline Stumble – Our new 60-player gauntlet showcases a mega assortment of fresh futuristic obstacles, including Low Gravity Zones, Forcefields and Lasers!
  • Hoverboard Heroes – Set sail for slimy seas as players dive and stumble over perilous obstacles. Ride out the chaos on the hoverboard ‘til the finish line or face elimination!
  • Basketfall – Team up to shoot some hoops in low gravity. This is the Fall Guys future, so prepare for a very silly number of basketballs…and triple hoops!
  • Short Circuit – A new type of racing Round drops beans on the grid and propels them through lap after lap of gravity-defying, obstacle-strewn mayhem!
  • Power Trip – Stumble onto the future-funk dancefloor and light up those tiles in a battery-powered battle for disco domination!
  • Big Shots – Ever wondered what it’d be like to stand on a See Saw while inflatable stars, magnets, gamepads, and miniature Saturns were shot at you? Well, now you’ll know.
  • Roll On – It’s Roll Out…but a race!? In this classic themed Round, 60 players dash to the finish line over a series of rambunctious rotating drums. Don’t fall off!

New Feature: Squads Mode! Qualify together as a Squad of 4, with your whole Squad claiming victory if any of you win the final Round!
New Round Type: Squad Race. Score points for your squad by crossing the finish line- The higher your position, the more points you earn! The lowest scoring Squads get eliminated, so every Squad member’s performance matters!
New Round Type: Squad Survival Score points for your squad by staying out of the slime! The lowest scoring teams get eliminated, so try to target other squads and throw them off their game!
New Feature: Daily Challenges Log in each day to receive new Challenges to earn bundles of Fame and Crown Shards!
New Currency: Crown Shards Earn 60 Crown Shards to transform them into a shiny new crown! Collect Shards through Challenges and Squads, and check your balance in the Show Selector screen.
Character Improvements: 

  • Sturdier Beans We’re improved our Fall Guys to be more sturdy when taking hits both from other players. No more ragdolling just because another bean brushed you in mid-air!
  • Fixed some ragdolling and excessive jumping issues in some rounds, for example unrelenting ragdolling on Hex-A-Gone after colliding with another Fall Guy
  • Fixed errors related to ledge-climbing in some levels like Wall Guys, such as Sweat animations failing to play, and inability to climb a ledge when a flipper is present.
  • Increased physics performance for distant players, leading to an overall smoother experience
  • Improved character behaviour when carrying objects around

Post-elimination flow: you can now quit at any time after being eliminated, no more waiting for the next round to load
UI Improvements:

  • Fixed text displaying that 40 players are needed to start a game on playlists with restricted numbers (I.E Hex-a-Gone Trials)
  • Fixed 16/15 eliminated showing on Thin Ice
  • Fixed the Qualified element not reducing in value when a player becomes eliminated during Slime Climb

Other fixes and improvements:

  • Fall Mountain will now spawn players in a single line so no one is at a disadvantage
  • Improved victory moment and flow at the end of episode
  • Reduced network traffic usage which should alleviate some of the latency-related issues
  • Fixed Fall Guy clipping through the yellow conveyor belt section and getting stuck on Slime Climb
  • Improved hoops scoring reliability and fixed cases such as scores failing to update on Ski Fall
  • Fixed visual post-processing issues in certain cases like spectating or rotating the camera at some angles
  • Fixed Fall Guy respawning twice on the platform next to the mountain peak after falling into the abyss on Freezy Peak
  • Fixed invisible Hex-A-Gone tiles in both spectator mode and during normal play
  • Fixed multiple players respawning in the same spot on Ski Fall
  • Fixed post-processing flickering and missing Fall Guys X-Ray outline when a player grabs a carriable object within close proximity to a wall
  • Fixed poor performance in the Outfits menu when browsing with many items available
  • Fixed flickering clouds on Perfect Match
  • Fixed disqualification on Door Dash after players yeet over the finish line into oblivion
  • Fixed camera pivoting backwards after a user has respawned in Knight Fever
  • Fixed Checkpoint not triggering in Tundra Run if a Fall Guy is punched high enough into the air
  • Fixed number of players qualifying exceeding the qualification limit in all race-type Rounds
  • Fixed invisible mid-air collisions when a Fall Guy hit by the flippers during Knight Fever
  • Fixed Fall Guy with equipped costume showing as the default bean during an episode
  • PS4: Fixed the blurred surrounding area of a Fall Guy on PS4 Pro
  • PS4: Fixed memory issues on Base PS4 when opening the customiser with all cosmetics unlocked
  • PS4: improved performance and stability in the menus and on certain rounds
  • PC: Fixed ‘Back’ and ‘Random’ buttons not working in the Customiser menus with the mouse

Source: Fall Guys Website

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