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2017 is the first year I’ve ever had a huge list of games in a pile on my desk mocking me in their untouched plastic, laughing when they think I’m not looking as they wait to be opened. Although the OCD part of me hates it and screams at me to hurry up and get them started, the logical part of my brain has realised two things from this fact – that 1) this is what it must be to be an adult and 2) 2017 has been a decent year if you love games.
Rarely has there been a month where a few good titles have not been released, and this year feels like the current generation of consoles have finally found their groove. With VR opening new realm of possibility that lots or developers are starting to mess about with (yeah I’m looking at you Doom and Skyrim), I reckon my pile of games will only continue to grow and mock me in 2018.
#10 – Shadow of War

My first is a mixed one. I really enjoyed the first few acts of Shadow of War – running round Middle Earth slaying orcs as the near-enough superpowered Talion the Ranger is fun, while the Nemesis combat system makes for some truly memorable enemy encounters. I did lose interest towards the later Shadow Wars act as they did become repetitive to the point of boredom, but I did enjoy the story and combat enough to warrant a mention here.
#9 – Chromagun

The first indie title on my list, Chromagun was a joy to play. Not the longest game on my list, but the gameplay and fun I had with it means it has to be in my top ten. A physics puzzler clearly inspired by Portal, I had a lot of fun with this game when I reviewed it back in August.
#8 – Uncharted the Lost Legacy
Uncharted The Lost Legacy
What’s to say? It’s Uncharted! Part puzzler, part shooter, part platformer, wannabe action film, what do you want me to tell you?Uncharted The Lost Legacy continues to hit all the boxes, even without Nathan Drake.
#7 – Human Fall Flat

Another relatively short Indie title, but a great one none the less. More of an experimental title this one, it’s main selling point is the absurd physics engine it is built around, with Human Fall Flat employing some of the most ingenious puzzles I’ve seen this year. Even the trophy list encouraged you to go about things in a different way, and I kept revisiting this one to see how many different ways each level could be solved once I got to grips with the slightly clunky controls.
#6 – South Park The Fractured but Whole

Easily the funniest game I’ve played this year. Not only that, but the first game in years of trying that my girlfriend is happy to come and take part in – I will make a gamer out of her yet! Although not a massive fan of the tv series, South Park The Fractured but Whole is a solid little game – a decent crafting system and refined fight mechanics alongside a typically daft storyline make this a thoroughly enjoyable title. Definitely not for the easily offended though!
#5 – Horizon Zero Dawn

Pretty obvious one but am planting my flag with Team Durant here at Pure Playstation Towers. I love a good open world adventure with plenty to do and see with something round every corner. Horizon had that and more, with thrilling combat that had you thinking and not just button mashing and an intriguing story to boot, Horizon kept me hooked from beginning to end. It is one of those games where five more minutes turns into five hours and you realise you should have been in bed ages ago, so be warned.
#4 – Jak and Daxter

I know, I know, not a game of this year but it has been remastered and bundled with Uncharted The Lost Legacy, and it’s my list so I’ll include it! What can I say, Naughty Dog knows how to make a platformer. Having learned the ropes with a certain Bandicoot who also received the remaster treatment this year, Jak and Daxter is a solid, enjoyable platformer that takes me right back to the early days of the PS2, as it was the first game I had for the system. The game stands up relatively well by today’s standards, but I just loved the fact it harked back to a simpler time, so yeah, a nostalgia driven entry!
#3 – Kingdom Hearts Final Mix

Technically another remaster, but still a good one. This kid friendly mash-up between Final Fantasy and Disney is something that on paper sounds horrible but in reality works beautifully. Jumping in the main titles and fighting alongside Donald and Goofy is still as fun as ever – the other remastered games take a bit of getting used to with their overly confusing story and shift away from the core gameplay of the main titles (am I the only one who doesn’t get card battles? I mean what are they about?) but Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 are worth the price of entry alone, and both serve as a smart way to reintroduce yourself to the series in preparation for the third entry next year.
#2 – Prey

I was a little unsure what to expect from Prey. Having played the previous iterations i was picking it up almost out of curiosity during the few summer months when games releasing are few and far between, and I can happily report I was not disappointed. A great storyline with choices that impact on the outcome, a skill tree that has some relevant powers and abilities that you can actually see a use for from the get go and an intriguing and beautiful map that has you as concerned with exploring almost as much as you are bothered about combat puts Prey up there as one of my contenders for GOTY.
#1 – Titanfall 2

Another FPS but one that didn’t get a lot of love, Titanfall 2 is a truly brilliant game. If you would have told me back in January that two FPS would have made my top two games I would have laughed at you before apologising for being rude and then sniggering some more. Fast combat, with massive mechs to control and ash about in and an exciting multiplayer component that I was actually good at meant I kept coming back to this long after I had finished the main storyline. In fact for a good few months his was my go to online shooter purely for fun alone. Also – the storyline will have you caring for a giant robot in a way that has not been possible since those films from the 80s. Just saying.
So there you have it my Top Ten PS4 Game’s of 2017! Agree? Disagree? Maybe you’re just a troll who wants to say something mean and abusive because you don’t like the way my words sound in your brain – either way let us know in the comments!

Feature: Game of the Year 2017: Stuart's Top 10 PS4 Games

Feature: Game of the Year 2017: Kyle's Top 10 PS4 Games


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