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Royal Capital Grandshelt

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Royal Capital Grandshelt Quest [Treasure Box/Chests Location]
LevelXP requiredTotal XPUnlocked itemsRewards
210001000Poke Ball x10
320003000Poke Ball x15
430006000Poke Ball x15
5400010000Gyms, Potions, RevivesPoke Ball x20, Potion x10, Revive x10, Incense
6500015000Poke Ball x15, Potion x10, Revive x5, Incubator
7600021000Poke Ball x15, Potion x10, Revive x5, Incense
8700028000Razz BerryPoke Ball x15, Potion x10, Revive x5, Razz Berry x10, Lure Module
9800036000Poke Ball x15, Potion x10, Revive x5, Razz Berry x3, Lucky Egg
10900045000Super PotionsPoke Ball x20, Super Potion x20, Revive x10, Razz Berry x10, Incense, Lucky Egg, Egg Incubator, Lure Module
111000055000Poke Ball x15, Super Potion x10, Revive x3, Razz Berry x3
121000065000Great BallsGreat Ball x20, Super Potion x10, Revive x3, Razz Berry x3
131000075000Great Ball x10, Super Potion x10, Revive x3, Razz Berry x3
141000085000Great Ball x10, Super Potion x10, Revive x3, Razz Berry x3
1515000100000Hyper PotionsGreat Ball x15, Hyper Potion x20, Revive x10, Razz Berry x10, Incense, Lucky Egg, Egg Incubator, Lure Module
1620000120000Great Ball x10, Hyper Potion x10, Revive x5, Razz Berry x5
1720000140000Great Ball x10, Hyper Potion x10, Revive x5, Razz Berry x5
1820000160000Great Ball x10, Hyper Potion x10, Revive x5, Razz Berry x5
1925000185000Great Ball x15, Hyper Potion x10, Revive x5, Razz Berry x5
2025000210000Ultra BallsUltra Ball x20, Hyper Potion x20, Revive x20, Razz Berry x20, Incense x2, Lucky Egg x2, Egg Incubator x2, Lure Module x2
2150000260000Ultra Ball x10, Hyper Potion x10, Revive x10, Razz Berry x10
2275000335000Ultra Ball x10, Hyper Potion x10, Revive x10, Razz Berry x10
23100000435000Ultra Ball x10, Hyper Potion x10, Revive x10, Razz Berry x10
24125000560000Ultra Ball x15, Hyper Potion x10, Revive x10, Razz Berry x10
25150000710000Max PotionsUltra Ball x25, Max Potion x20, Revive x15, Razz Berry x15, Incense, Lucky Egg, Egg Incubator, Lure Module
26190000900000Ultra Ball x10, Max Potion x15, Revive x10, Razz Berry x15
272000001,100,000Ultra Ball x10, Max Potion x15, Revive x10, Razz Berry x15
282500001,350,000Ultra Ball x10, Max Potion x15, Revive x10, Razz Berry x15

Royal Capital Granshelt is the second town you have access to. It is a lot bigger than Town of Mitra and there is plenty to do in this city. If you don’t have access to a guide, it can take a while to finish all the quests and also get all the goodies here.


The capital of Grandshelt, this burgeoning metropolis is a testament to power and technological prowess of this mighty kingdom. With a widening gap between the rich and the poor, some parts of town have fallen into disrepair, but a well-trained guard sees to it that the streets remain safe.

Treasure Location | Quest Guide | Shops

Treasure Chest and Key Box Locations

FFBE Royal Capital Grandshelt

Treasure Chest

[easytable]Location, Item

1, Earth Key #22 (Recipe for Shuriken)

2, Smelling Salts

3, Gold Needle

4, Hi-Potion

5, Gale Ring

6, Potion

7, Recipe for Bronze Shield

8, Star Quartz

9, Echo Herbs

10, White Cape

11, Kotetsu

12, Ether

13, Fish Scale

14, Eye Drops

15, Phoenix Down

16, Leather Plate

17, Antidote

18, Unicorn Horn

19, Star Quartz

20, Recipe for Kenpogi [/easytable]

Silver Chest [Blue Number]

[easytable]Location, Silver Chest

1, Recipe for Vox

2, Recipe for Barblizzard

3, Recipe for Blind [/easytable]

FFBE T1 Silver Chest

Silver Chest [1] – Head to the bottom left of the city and enter the room where you meet the 2 kids who lost their treasure. Once the cut scene is over, head into the room above them. You need a magic key to open this.

FFBE T1 Royal Capital Grandshelt

Location 1 – Right behind the silver chest, you head into the wall and you will pick up Earth Key #22, which is a recipe for Shuriken.

FFBE T2 Royal Capital Grandshelt

Location 2 – Exit the room from location 1 and head down and to the left pass a hidden path in a metal wall. It can be missed if you aren’t paying attention. You get a smelling salts for your effort.

FFBE T3 Royal Capital Grandshelt

Location 3 – The golden needle is easily missed if you are just casually walking by. Head to the bottom left corner of the map and look at the wooden wall. Right above it, you will find the golden needle treasure chest.

FFBE T4 Royal Capital Grandshelt

Location 4 – This is in the inn. Head to the left side of the map and enter the inn. Head up stairs on the left. The Hi-Potion is hidden right below the bed where the female customer is.

FFBE T5 Royal Capital Grandshelt

Location 5 – This one is hidden right above the top left side of the inn. Go above the girl at the lamp post and check the wall to your right. Walk inside to get the Gale Ring.

FFBE T6 Royal Capital Grandshelt

Location 6 – Head up the stairs from location 5 and enter the little room to your right. Go to the top left corner of the room and check the table right below the 2 women. You will get a potion.

FFBE T7 Royal Capital Grandshelt

Location 7 – From the room, head south and exit the room. Now, climb down the stairs and go to your left. Now check the left area where you see the square wall. You will find the recipe for a bronze shield.

FFBE T8 Royal Capital Grandshelt

Location 8 – Head into the castle at the top left corner of the map. Head over to the ride side of the castle and check the area behind the man in a white shirt. You will get a Star Quartz.

FFBE T9 Royal Capital Grandshelt

Location 9 – Head to the north side of the map from the entrance of Royal Capital Grandshelt. Head right once you hit a dead end. You will find the Echo Herbs and also the memento pendant, which is the shiny object.

FFBE T10 Royal Capital Grandshelt

Location 10 – Head to the top right side of the city. Enter the place which is north of the armor shop. Head to the top left corner of the room and inspect the hidden area by the vase where the old man is. You will get a white cape.

FFBE T11 Royal Capital Grandshelt

Location 11 – Right behind the armor shop, there is a hidden path where you can head left to find an open path. Move your cursor up to move your Rain upwards to find the secret location to find the Kotetsu, a katana that gives +25 attack.

FFBE T3 Silver Chest Royal City Grandshelt

Silver Chest [2] – Enter the armor shop on the top right of the city. Its on the right side. You get a Barblizzard.

FFBE T12 Royal Capital GrandsheltFFBE T12- Royal Capital Grandshelt

Location 12 – Enter the Chocobo shop and go around the shop keeper to find the hidden room. Enter the room and check the bottom right side for an ether.

FFBE T2 Silver Chest Royal Capital Grandshelt

Silver Chest [3] –  In the Chocobo shop, head to the top left side of the map to find the silver chest that contains a recipe for blind.

FFBE T13 Royal City Grandshelt

Location 13 – head to the weapon shop on the right side of the capital and it is hidden behind the shop board. This chest contains a Fish Scale.

FFBE T14 Royal Capital Grandshelt

Location 14 – Check behind the grey building south of the weapon shop. to find the Eye Drops.

FFBE T15 Royal Capital Grandshelt

Location 15 – Head to the left from location 14 and go past the guy in a white shirt. Inspect the circled red area to find a Phoenix Down.

FFBE T16 Royal Capital Grandshelt

Location 16 – Go to the bottom right of the map and go down the stairs. Walk behind the grey building to get a leather plate.

FFBE T17 Royal Capital Grandshelt

Location 17 – Get an antidote by heading to the left side of location 16.

FFBE T18 Royal Capital Grandshelt

Location 18 – This can be tricky. You need to walk on the wire mesh that gets you to location 17 and get to the left side of the sidewalk past the hidden path blocked by the grey building. Then walk all the way left, down and then right to get the chest that contains the Unicorn Horn.

FFBE T19 Royal Capital Grandshelt

Location 19 – From location 18, head left and walk down to see another path to your right. Head right all the way, inspect the hidden green thing for a Star Quartz.

FFBE T20 Royal Capital Grandshelt

Location 20 – Head all the way(long walk) to the bottom right corner for the Kenpogi, a cloth armor that gives +3 attack and +8 defense.

Quest Guide

FFBE Royal Capital Grandshelt Quest Map

It is recommended that you do the quests as soon as you have access to Royal Capital Grandshelt. You will unlock access the vault(ability to use Earth Keys for treasures) and also gain goodies along the way. To quickly access certain areas of the map, use the Town Menu option to teleport around town like a boss.

[easytable] Location, Quest Name, Reward

1, Memoirs of Mother, Vault access

2, Hunt for the Model Airship, Recipe for Bronze Knuckles

3, Cooperative Collection, Recipe for Water

4, Missing Person, Unicorn Horn

5, Road to the Colosseum, Bandana

6, A Boy and His Slime, Phoenix Down

7, Prowling the Ruins, Jeweled Ring

8, Of Letters Lost, Recipe for Bard’s Tunic

9, A Song of Love, Harp

10, A Fresh Idea, Recipe for Power Wrist

11, For Members Only, Altair

12, Which Way Did He Go?, Recipe for Smoke Bomb [/easytable]

1 – Memoirs of Mother

Objective: Deliver the memento pendant

FFBE Q1 - Memories of Mother 2FFBE T9 Royal Capital Grandshelt

You can find the pendant at the top right corner north of the city. You have to speak to the 2 kids triggered at location 1 for the quest. It is a shiny sparkling object right by the treasure chest. Go back to the boy and hand over the pendant to him to have access to the vault. This will allow you to use the Earth Keys you found in explorations and cities to get some goodies.

2 – Hunt for the Model Airship

Objective 1: Hand over the model airship. You have to talk to a guy in Fulan Pass Exploration.

Objective 2: Find the missing person. You have to talk to a guy in Grandshelt Catacombs Exploration.

3 – Cooperative Collection

Objective: Deliver 10 water cryst.

FFBE Q3 - Cooperative Collection

Speak to the young boy on the west side of the capital. You can find water cryst in all exploration maps by collecting yellow sparkles or request water cryst gift from friends. Doing this nets you a recipe for Water.

4 – Missing Person

Objective: Gather news on the missing person.

FFBE Q4 - Missing Person 1FFBE Q3 - Missing Person

You will have to speak to the people in the following order:

  1. This is a soldier that is right above the kid who gives you the recipe for water.
  2. Speak to the elderly lady in red by the weapon shop.
  3. Speak to the young boy behind the accessory shop.
  4. Speak to the guy southeast of the item shop.

Completing this gives you a Unicorn Horn.

5 – Road to the Colosseum

Objective: Defeat 3 hill gigas.

FFBE Q5 - Road to Colosseum

The hill gigas can be found in Grandshelt Castle first and second floor. You will get a bandana for your efforts.

6 – A Boy and His Slime

Objective: Hand over green slime doll.

FFBE Q6 - A Boy and His SlimeFFBE T19 Royal Capital Grandshelt

Green slime doll can be found southeast of the city. Check location 19 of the item location map.

7 – Prowling the Ruins

Requirement: Clear Lanzelt Ruins/Dungeon

Objective: Defeat the monster in the ruins.

FFBE Q7 - Prowling the RuinsFFBE Q7 - Prowling the Ruins Boss

The monster can be found in Lanzelt Ruins Exploration. Your prize is a Jewel Ring.

8 – Of Letters Lost

Objective: Hand over old letter.

FFBE Q8 - Of Letters Lost

The letter can be found in Dalnakya Cavern Exploration. You will get a Bard’s Tunic.

9 – A Song of Love

Requirement: Clear Of Letters Lost quest

Reward: Harp

Objective 1: Complete the love song

Pick the following answers:
  1. Top answer.
  2. Bottom answer.
  3. Bottom answer.

Objective 2: Deliver the song to the bard

FFBE Q9 - A Song of Love

The bard is located at quest 8 on the map.

10 – A Fresh Idea

Reward: Recipe for Power Wrist

Objective: Defeat 5 sergeants.

FFBE Q10 - A Fresh Idea

Speak to the guy in the white shirt inside the accessory shop. Sergeant can be found in Grandshelt Castle Dungeon, either second floor or throne room. You can also do the Hill Gigas quest together with this one.

11 – For Members Only

Requirement: Clear A Fresh Idea quest

Reward: Altair

Objective 1: Defeat 1 zu

Zu can be found in Dalnakya Plains East Gates as the dungeon boss.

Objective 2: Deliver 5 thickened hides

Thickened Hide can be dropped by beast monsters, like Nutkin in Latius Woods/Dungeon.

12 – Which Way Did He Go?

Reward: Recipe for Smoke Bomb

Objective: Find the man hiding in town.

FFBE Q12 - Which Way Did He Go 1FFBE Q12 - Which Way Did He GoFFBE Q12 - Which Way Did He Go 2

This guy is hiding near the west gate.


Below are the items you can get from the shops in Royal Capital Grandshelt.

Weapon Shop

Bronze KnifeShort SwordATK+10100
Great SwordLong SwordATK+271,500
Battle AxeAxeATK+281,800
Bronze MaceMaceATK+14180
Bronze KnucklesFistATK+16200
RodRodATK+8, MAG+10140
StaffStaffATK+5, MAG+2, SPR+14160
Short BowBowATK+18260
Recipe for Broadsword60
Recipe for Battle Axe540
Recipe for Bronze Mace54
Recipe for Rod42
Recipe for Staff48
Recipe for Short Bow78

Armor Shop

Leather ShieldShieldDEF+10240
Bronze ShieldHeavy ShieldDEF+16300
Bronze HelmHelmDEF+7240
Leather PlateLight ArmorDEF+12240
Copper CuirassLight ArmorDEF+14240
Bronze ArmorHeavy ArmorDEF+16300
Cotton RobeRobeDEF+6, MAG+3, SPR+3200
Recipe for Leather Shield72
Recipe for Bronze Armor90
Recipe for Cotton Robe60

Ability Shop

Recipe for Blindna300
Recipe for Thunder300

Gun Shop

Recipe for Altair144

Material Shop

Beast MeatMaterial200
Pearl of WisdomMaterial200
Allure PowderMaterial200
Esper CrystMaterial500

General Shop

ShurikenDeals damage to one enemy.500
Bacchus’s WineInflicts berserk status on the user500

Accessory Shop

Iron GlovesAccessoryDEF+5200
Recipe for Iron Gloves60
Recipe for Fire Ring60
Recipe for Water Ring60
Recipe for Earth Ring60
Recipe for Protect Ring120
Recipe for Barrier Ring120

Item Shop

PotionRestores a small amount of HP to one ally.100
AntidoteCures one ally of poisoning.100
Eye DropsCures one ally of being blinded.100
Smelling SaltsCures one ally of sleep or confusion.200
Echo HerbsCures one ally of silencing.200
Gold NeedleCures one ally of petrification.500
Recipe for Potion30
Recipe for Eye Drops30

References: KBP – FFBE, FFBE Wiki

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