Gamescom 2016: FIFA 17 Developers Divulge Information on New Gameplay Modes, Tweaks and More


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EA’s Gamescom showing is off to a kicking start with FIFA 17 being the first game to get thrown into the spotlight. The hosts spoke to the developers (whose names we didn’t catch – we’ll update when we can!) and got some information that’s sure to get FIFA players dribbling at the mouth. Here it all is:

Gamescom 2016: FIFA 17 Developers Divulge Information on New Gameplay Modes, Tweaks and More
  • Team has worked on the story mode for a couple of years, and apparently it couldn’t be done without Frostbite.
  • Brand new set pieces. More ways to hit the ball from a free-kick, corner kick, penalty.
  • Moving around the ball with the foot now allows for players to take a pop at goal with the outside of the foot. (Swerve and curl affected)
  • New penalties. The in-game shooting mechanic is now being used for penalties, rather than just pushing left/right on the stick and tapping the shoot button.
  • More control, more variety of “weapons” in attacks: Driven passes from the keeper, getting the ball in from behind like never before.
  • Active intelligence system: Teams are even more active in the final 3rd of the pitch. Changes the feel of the game completely.
  • Shield dribble system completely re-worked from FIFA 16.

Pro Clubs and Career Mode

  • Biggest FIFA ever (or at least until next year…)
  • Feeling that you’re not just on the pitch, but it’s a team effort as a whole. Off-the-pitch is important and you’ll have the option to build brand awareness for your team. This can be done by buying in big name players and what not. You can promote home-grown talent via the youth system and save money on future purchases. Shirt sales were also mentioned, though not much was elaborated on. We imagine shirt sales can be affected by big-name signings. Big name = big sales of new players’ shirt.
  • Customisation of kits completely reworked
  • Different kit styles, badge types, colours to give more options and let players really make their team their own.

Squad building challenges (FIFA Ultimate Team)

  • You’ll need to know how chemistry between players work. Players from other nations. We assume, though can’t confirm, it’ll mean that chemistry would be hampered by players not being able to communicate because of language barriers.
  • You’ll have to build teams by meeting certain conditions. For example: you may need to have a minimum of four different nationalities while also having a minimum team-rating of 60 etc. They’re basically mini-games that reward you with new players for your FUT squad.
  • You’ll also be able to take these challenges on without being on your console – you can play it via the smartphone app and then collect your rewards back on your console.
  • Quick-selling of non-needed players is being discouraged by giving every player a purpose within the challenges.

FIFA Ultimate Team Champions

  • Weekend League: Biggest prizes and rewards for Weekend Leagues.
  • There will also be a monthly leaderboard.
  • To get into the Weekend Leagues you need to play throughout the week to try to qualify
  • Players will compete for in-game currency and cards


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