Fight Through a Zombie-fied LA in Extended Gameplay Reveal for Dead Island 2



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It’s been more than ten years since the release of the original Dead Island, but now Deep Silver Dambuster Studios is gearing up for the release of the sequel Dead Island 2.

Fight Through a Zombie-fied LA in Extended Gameplay Reveal for Dead Island 2

Just in, we have a new extended look at the gameplay for Dead Island 2, and it looks like a colorful take on the zombie apocalypse. Check this out:

Get a glimpse of Dead Island 2’s epic pulp adventure in action with this first extended gameplay reveal. Follow slayer Dani through the undead streets of Beverly Hills and Bel-Air; take a look at the lethal weapons, tactical combat, brand-new skills system, and revolutionary FLESH dismemberment system.

While properties like The Last of Us and Resident Evil like to delve into the darker side of a zombie apocalypse, Dead Island 2 kind of leans closer to the ‘killing zombies is fun’ mentality that’s prevalent with the Left 4 Dead franchise.

Not only do we get to travel around a zombie-infested Los Angeles, but we also get an arsenal of weapons, all with different kinds of abilities to kick zombie ass. I’m not really one to enjoy gory scenes, but there’s just something so satisfying watching how the zombies break apart based on what kind of weapon you use on them.

With the game set to release next month, we should expect all kinds of reveals to be dropped within the next few weeks. Dead Island 2 launches for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 4|5 on April 21.

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