Final God of War Behind-the-Scenes Video Celebrates the Fans and the Fanart


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It’s been an extensive journey behind-the-scenes, but the God of War Ragnarok BTS series from PlayStation is finally coming to an end. In their last video, the developers and everyone else on the team have decided to share their thankful messages to the fans as well as their select fanart.

Final God of War Behind-the-Scenes Video Celebrates the Fans and the Fanart

Check this out:

Here’s the video’s official description:

There’s no better realm to host the finale of our God of War Ragnarök Behind the Scenes series than Asgard, where the battle of Ragnarök is foretold to take place.

Episode 10 includes messages from the team at Santa Monica Studio to the fans about how much their support meant during the development of God of War Ragnarök. From Game Director Eric Williams – and everyone at Santa Monica Studio – thank you to the incredible God of War community!

The video essentially features everyone who has appeared in previous behind-the-scenes episode and has them thank the fans and express just how much the support means to them. We also have a lot of fanart and cosplay sprinkled around the video from members of the GOW community; there’s also some reaction clips from people online when the game was first revealed.

We don’t know where the next game could go, but I can imagine that Atreus would be the one to lead the franchise this time. Who knows, maybe we could get two running series, one with Atreus and one with Kratos.

It’s just a pitch.

God of War Ragnarok is now available for PlayStation 4|5.

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