How To Find Secrets in Risk of Rain: Returns


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Learn how to find secrets in Risk of Rain: Returns!

How To Find Secrets in Risk of Rain: Returns

Risk of Rain Returns is about easter eggs and hidden items, but did you know there’s a hidden character?

After the success of Risk of Rain 2, the developers at Hopoo Games decided to go back and remaster the original Risk of Rain with ROR Returns. They’ve added many extra features, including some specialized Risk of Rain 2 mods.

The game is described as a Roguelike, notorious for its procedurally generated levels and difficulty. The game promises to reward players who like to do their homework, which is why it is littered with all kinds of easter eggs and hidden items—some of which need very specific instructions to unlock.

Players can spend hours just mastering the game. Still, even if there is natural progression and unlocks that you will get as you progress, there are some secrets that require a specific set of instructions—and sometimes they can get so specific that others need to post detailed instructions just to reveal how to unlock them—from different kinds of weapons and treasures to actual playable characters.

Who is the Secret Hidden Character in Risk of Rain: Returns?

Risk of Rain Returns comes with an array of playable characters, each with their special abilities, but some have noticed that when picking out the roster of 15 survivors, there seems to be room for an extra 16th character.

As it turns out, there is a 16th survivor to unlock but to access them, players will have to follow a specific set of instructions to get to them—and it requires starting up multiple games and ensuring that the instructions are followed to a tee.

If you follow all the steps properly, you can unlock the 16th secret character—Robomando.

How to Unlock the Secret Character In Risk of Rain: Returns

To unlock Robomando in Risk of Rain Returns, you must perform multiple runs, each with a different difficulty level. There is also a time element in one of the steps, so you must ensure that you reach the appropriate time to perform that part of the unlock.

Gameplay for Risk of Rain Returns

1. Obtain the Strange Battery – The First step is to run on the game’s easiest difficulty, Drizzle. Play the game as normal until you get to the second to the last level at the Temple of Elders. You can spot a vase at either the right-most or left-most point in the game, and when you interact with it, you will obtain the Strange Battery.

Gameplay for Risk of Rain Returns

2. Store the Battery in a Hidden Chest – After obtaining the battery in the temple, go into the final stage. Make your way down below the ship and into the bottom-right room. There, you will see a room with some golems dancing; at the left side is a hidden passage; go through it, and you will find yourself in a room with a chest covered in red markings.

Place the Strange Battery in the chest, and finish the level your way (either die or finish the run).

3. Find the Same Chest in a New Run – Start a new run on Rainstorm Difficulty. You must find the same chest when you stored the battery in the previous run. It will not be in the first stage, so it’s suggested that you go through that as fast as you can.

Players usually find the chest somewhere in the second level. It’s said that it spawns in different areas, so you will have to do a bit of exploring. Once you find it, purchase it, and you’ll be able to get the Strange Battery once again.

4. Activate the Third Teleporter in approximately 22 MINUTES – This part is considered time-crucial. Once you obtain the battery, go through levels two and three as fast as possible, ensuring you have enough time to charge the third teleporter before the timer on the game hits 22 minutes.

Once you get there, you will have exactly 1 minute (after 22 minutes and before 23) to activate the teleporter and go to the fourth level.

NOTE: Some say you don’t have to wait for the 22-minute mark to be able to activate the teleporter, but so far, every guide has been advising you to do this step specifically at the time. After all, missing the 1-minute window will mean you will have to start all over again, and it’s probably easier to just follow the instructions than to risk the wait. 

5. Find the Hidden Room and Face Robomando – Once at the fourth level, you will have to look for a secret room where you will face Robomando. It’s usually indicated by a green arrow pointing at a deactivated robot on the floor in a room with a hidden pathway.

You will then have to take on Robomando, who is said to be impossible to beat. If you let them kill you, they will become added to your roster of survivors as a playable character.  

What Can Robomando do?

Despite the hoops you have to jump to unlock Robomando, he’s considered to have a pretty basic skillset. If anything, his ability allows him to unlock any chest for free, so you can expect to save much more money when doing a run with Robomando.

It’s suggested that you pair Robomando up with the Golden Gun; it’s a weapon that deals bonus damage depending on how much money you have on you. And since Robomando doesn’t need to spend so much because of his perk, the damage output for the gun is always high (the damage is capped at 700).

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