How To Find a Way To Open The Gate in Coral Island – Answered


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Many Coral Island players can’t wrap their heads around how to open a certain Merfolk gate underwater.

How To Find a Way To Open The Gate in Coral Island – Answered

Farming simulators may be a dime-a-dozen nowadays, but many fans are getting lost in Coral Island from Stairway Games. Though farming may be at the game’s very core, Coral Island also offers a lush landscape to explore all kinds of plants and creatures.

Not only does the game allow you to plant crops and fish for exotic aquatic life, but it also lets you go underground and mine for rare gems; you can also go underwater and find all kinds of rare kelp species. Not to mention, the game also has a very extensive town system that will allow you to form relationships with all kinds of NPC, and as you improve all the elements of the town, you also help raise the status of the entire Coral Island as you progress your game.

There are numerous missions that players can go in when it comes to Coral Island, but they do have some level of complexity when it comes to completing them; of course, there is also the case of the game just not being clear enough regarding its instructions.

One particular mission in the game that has players stumped concerns the Merfolk Kingdom. Some players can’t seem to open the gate, even when they already fulfilled all the requirements.

Explore the Ocean Quest

The mission concerning the Merfolk gate is essentially one called the Explore the Ocean quest, which will be given to you by the scientist Ling.

After you wrap up the Into the Ocean quest, where you must heal five coral sites, you must return to Ling. She will give you a new underwater suit, and with that, she will send you on a new quest called Explore the Ocean.

This mission will have you:

Heal coral sites – Heal the corrupted sites underwater. You can also upgrade your sickle to clear things out faster. After all, this mission requires you to do a total of 20.

Inspect the source of the shake – When you heal all the sites, you will have to search for the source of the underwater rumbling. This will lead you to a corrupted root from an Ancient tree. It’s also worth noting that this root will also retreat from you.

Follow the retreated root – Keep following the root, which will eventually lead you to the gate of the Merfolk Kingdom. There are also coral sites to heal; once you do that, you will have a clearer view of the gate.

Find a way to open the gate in Coral Island – Once you clear the root around the gate, you will see symbols matching the ones on the floor. This is a clue to the sequence that will open the gate. Float over each symbol properly, and the gate will open for you to enter and mingle with the Merfolk.

What has People Stumped?

Multiple people have been posting about not being able to get the gate to open online, and it does seem that the part of the quest that has them stumped is around the last step, where they will have to follow the symbols on the gate and step on the corresponding symbols on the floor.

 The combination is Right > Left > Down > Up if it wasn’t that clear. The symbols will also light up when you float above them.

Finishing the sequence will also trigger a cut scene, so you’ll know you did it right. Then, you’ll be open to entering the Merfolk Kingdom and even start romantic relationships with the Merfolk.

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