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Tatara Tales is one of the major quests of Genshin Impact for the nation of Inazuzma. It is a series of world quests that will take at least seven days to complete. Once a world quest has been completed, the next quest will only be available on the next day.

Genshin Impact: Tatara Tales Quest Guide

This quest is about a mining region called Tatarasuna on the island of Kannazuka in Inazuma, which is the center of the Shogunate’s weapon production. A Mikage Furnace was created and placed there to be used as a machine to fully harvest the powers of the Tatarigami energy, which can be smelted to produce a steady stream of high-quality Jade Steel. Due to the warfare, production has been halted, and Mikage Furnace has been damaged, causing the corrupt energy to leak out.

How to Start the Tatara Tales World Quest Series

To trigger and start this series of world quests, you need to go to Kujou Encampment by teleporting to the Teleport Waypoint inside the camp.

tatara 002

You will run into a Shrine Maiden named Miyuki and Toranosuke, a Shogunate Officer, and overhear them arguing near the waypoint. The Mikage Furnace in Tatarasuna has a problem that causes an overflow of Tatarigami energy, and the Sacred Sakura has felt its presence at the Grand Shrine.

tatara 003

When the two decide to stop talking to each other, go and talk to each of them.

Toranosuke will not spill anything as it is not his duty to divulge any information from people outside the Tenryou Commission and would even say to leave the island for your safety.

tatara 004

Talking to the shrine maiden, Miyuki will give you more detail about the problem. She will tell you that despite the damaged furnace’s danger, the Shogunate wants to restart weapon production as soon as possible.

tatara 005

She will also say that a man named Xavier, one of the scholars from Fontaine who created the Mikage Furnace, happened to have stayed on the island and made some quick emergency action. He is also trying to figure out how to solve the problem for good and would need some help.

tatara intro 001

Visit Xavier and check what you can do to help. He will be at the northwestern entrance of the smelting facility, just a few meters below the Teleport Waypoint in that area.

Tatara Tales (Intro)

Talk to Xavier, the great inventor, and ask him for details about the situation of the Jade Steel production facility.

tatara intro 002

Xavier will explain the same things that Miyuki told you. He believes that if things continue, Tatarasuna might turn into a glorious firework visible from Fontaine.

The craftsman’s diagnosis had him thinking of the theory. There must be an issue with the device containing the Tatarigami core that has a knock-on effect on the containment dome he installed—the temporary fix that Miyuki talked about.

tatara intro 003

Xavier believes that only Vision bearers would be safe in the area around the Mikage Furnace, but you still offer to help him despite not having a Vision yourself. You will need to get closer to the Mikage Furnace to understand the situation better.

At this point, Tatarasuna is blocked by a containment dome that Xavier created to prevent the corrupted Tatarigami energy from leaking out. He will then ask you to investigate the surrounding area around the facility.

Observe the Mikage Furnace

Your next task is to observe the Mikage Furnace from three openings or entrances.

tatara intro 004

The first location is just between Xavier’s location and the Statue of the Seven on the island. You can teleport to the archon’s statue and glide west to the spot.

tatara intro 005

The area will be lurking with Fatui Skirmishers, so be prepared to fight. Make sure you have a Pyro and Cryo character in your party because there will be a Cryogunner Legionnaire and an Electrohammer Vanguards. They can cast elemental shields on themselves.

tatara intro 006

After defeating the foes, go to the marked spot and investigate.

The second location is just south of the Statue of the Seven, so you can teleport to it and then walk down to the spot.

tatara intro 007

To complete the observation and investigation from this spot, you need to follow the Electro Seelie as it flies up and down.

tatara intro 008

To glide up and follow this creature, you need to summon an Electrogranum from the Thunder Sakura Bough nearby.

The third and last observation location is way down south, the Statue of Seven just below the Teleport Waypoint. This opening faces a small peninsula with a shipwreck on it.

tatara intro 009

The exact spot where you need to do the observation is being blocked by a Thunder Barrier. Therefore, you should summon an Electrogranum from the bough near the shipwreck to get past the barrier.

tatara intro 010

When all locations have been investigated, return to Xavier and report how those parts of the dome have rifts and that the Fatui is all over the island with some unknown scheme in action.

Since the Fatui is moving in silence, probably to avoid confrontation with the Shogunate, Xavier suggests that you create some big, dramatic gesture to make the opponents think that the Shogunate is on them.

This time, Xavier will introduce the Kamuijima Cannons, which are big guns built using the latest technology and powered by Electro. Some of these are installed on Kannazuka for military purposes, but things have changed. Some of these are installed on Kannazuka for military purposes, but those cannons are now sitting unused in their spots and powered by Electro.

Activate the Kamuijima Cannons and Destroy the Rifts

Xavier’s next plan is to have used the Kamuijima Cannons around Kannazuka to destroy the containment dome and cause an unimaginable ruckus to the Fatui. This way, you will have time to go straight to the MIkage Furnace and fix it.

tatara intro 012

Xavier will hand you a Kamuijima Cannon Map with the exact location of the cannons marked.

tatara intro 011

The first Kamuijima Cannon is on the island west of Kujou Encampment and north of the Statue of the Seven.

The easiest way to get here is to teleport to the Kujuo Encampment and walk to the small island.

tatara intro 013

To control the cannon, you need to summon an Electrogranum from the Thunder Sakura Bough to charge the weapon with Electro energy.

tatara intro 014

Have the cannon face the dome rift and point it two steps upwards to be able to hit the target.

The second cannon is on the cliff east of the Statue of the Seven, where another Teleport Waypoint is situated. If you have already activated this waypoint, you can teleport to it.

tatara intro 015

Again, summon an Electrogranum to be able to operate the Kamuijima Cannon and point it to the dome rift with the right elevation before firing it.

tatara intro 016

The last cannon to destroy the final rift is on the peninsula far east of Tatarasuna.

tatara intro 019

It is also near a Teleport Waypoint, making it easier to get to.

Like the other cannons, summon Electrogranum to be able to operate this third Kamuijima Cannon and aim it towards the rift with enough elevation to hit the target.

tatara intro 018

After hitting the last rift, the entire containment dome over Tatarasuna will be destroyed and unlock an achievement named “Knock Knock.”

tatara intro 020
tatara intro 021

Now, return to Xavier and report the progress.

After a few lines, Fatui Skirmishers will appear and try to attack Xavier. Defeat these enemies to proceed with Xavier’s plans in saving Tatarasuna.

Get Close to the Mikage Furnace

After defeating the bad guys, Xavier will ask you to check up on the status of the storage device inside the Mikage Furnace. At the same time, all the other Fatui members are busy with the unrest brought about by the destruction of the containment dome.

Now your task is to get close to the MIkage Furnace by going into the center of the smelting facility and climbing up the mine.

On your way, make sure to have a healer in your party and always summon an Electrogranum to protect you from the highly concentrated Electro energy in the area that will cause your active character to lose HP slowly.

tatara intro 022

Take a photo of the Mikage Furnace when you get to the spot.

Bring the photo back to Xavier so he can analyze it.

Tatara Tales: Priority Investigation (Day 1)

After finishing the first-world quest for this series, Xavier will have another assignment for you right away. You do not have to wait another day for the quest titled “Priority Investigation,” which follows the task where you gave Xavier the photo of the Mikage Furnace.

For this first day’s quest, Xavier will tell you that although the Tatarigami’s core suffered some minor damage when you shot the containment dome with the Kamuijima Cannons, one problem persists—the Fatui.

Xavier will want you two to work together and ask you to deal with the Fatui while he fixes the Mikage Furnace at the same time.

tatara day1 001

He will then hand you some Sensor Beacons and task you to place them in certain locations to gather data on the density and distribution of Tatarigami energy.

The first location is the closest spot to the entrance where Xavier is standing. The wooden platform connects the wooden bridge to the center of the facility.

tatara day1 002

Place the first beacon above a crate with some wooden barrels.

A Fatui Mirror Maiden, a Cicin Mage, and an Anemoboxer Vanguard will appear to attack you. You can fight them or just run away after placing the Sensor Beacon on its designated spot.

The second beacon is at the top of the smelting facility, where you took a photo of the Mikage Furnace.

tatara day1 003

Again, make sure to have an Electrogranum summoned while in this area due to heavy Electro energy that will drain your HP if not protected by the Electrogranum.

The last location to place the beacon is in front of the smelting furnace located in the northern part of the facility.

tatara day1 004

After all the Sensor Beacon has been put in place, go back to Xavier to complete the day’s world quest.

Tatara Tales: Purification Device (Day 2)

For the third day of this world quest series, Xavier has a new idea for the structure of the emergency purifier that he has been researching to solve the problem in Tatarasuna.

tatara day2 001

He believes that the purifier will need special material to function smoothly within the Mikage Furnace. And that material is Crystal Marrow because it contains an inert form of Tatarigami energy, which makes it ideal for the task.

tatara day2 002

Xavier will need three chinks of Crystal Marrow, which you can find by the stream just below the area where Xavier is standing.

tatara day2 003

After giving the complete amount of Crystal Marrows, Xavier will need another day to continue creating the purification device while waiting for the Sensor Beacons to finish gathering data.

Tatara Tales: Data Collection (Day 3)

On the third day, speaking with Xavier will make him excited that you have finally visited him because the Sensor Beacons have completed the data collection.

Xavier will ask for your help to retrieve the Sensor Beacons you placed the other day.

tatara day3 001

One is on the wooden platform that connects a wooden bridge to the center of the facility, the other beacon is on top of the facility near the Mikage Furnace, and the last one is on the smelting furnace north of the entire place.

The enemies have all respawned and will attack you again because it has been a full day since your last visit to Tatarasuna. You can fight to defeat them or get what you came for and run away.

Bring the beacons back to Xavier so he can extract the data collected by the devices.

Tatara Tales: Process is Everything (Day 4)

Xavier has finally completed his invention four days after investigating and modifying a device to purify Tatarasuna. However, he believes that in some circumstances, the device may not achieve the desired efficacy.

Xavier will ask you to go near the Mikage Furnace again and record some more data for him.

tatara day4 001

This time, you will be required to take a photo of the MIkage Furnace from under it and the furnace in the main smelting area.

tatara day4 002

Go to the marked spot at the facility’s center and open the camera via the Paimon icon.

The angle to take the photo should be looking up to the Mikage Furnace to complete the task.

tatara day4 003

Next, go to the large smelting furnace to take the photo.

You will be met with a Fiery Might and a Dancing Thunder Nobushis, so be prepared to fight because you can not take the second photo if these two enemies are aggressively attacking you.

tatara day4 004

Bring the photos back to Xavier so he can evaluate the status of the Mikage Furnace.

tatara day4 005

Based on the photo Xavier has concluded that the Mikage Furnace is quite stable, and the energy within is not yet over-saturated. And that the problem was caused by the high saturation of the Tatarigami energy.

tatara day4 006

The great inventor will suggest that you look for the spot with the highest concentration of Tatarigami energy and purify it so you can restart the core. However, Xavier will need more time to continue his research and preparations.

Tatara Tales: Functional Test (Day 5)

When you talk to Xavier on the fifth day, he seems troubled, saying that things are not looking good. The Fatui have gathered near the core as if they have discovered something of great importance.

tatara day5 001

This time, Xavier is determined to initiate functionality tests of the purification device he created immediately.

tatara day5 002

You will be asked to find 3 Onikabuto for Xavier because he wants to place them near the Mikage Furnace so that they will be tainted by Tatarigami and use the purification device to cleanse them.

tatara day5 003

Onikabuto is usually found in Electro-rich environments. Bring 3 of these to Xavier so he can begin the test.

Tatara Tales: Final Preparations (Day 6)

On this sixth quest of the world quest series, Xavier’s test on the Onikabutos is a success, and now you can start the final preparation of the Tatariigami energy purification.

Now, you need to help Xavier plan the route inside the smelting facility so you can safely carry the device to the final location. He will ask you to place a layer of wooden planks down on certain areas to move the purification device smoothly.

tatara day6 001

First, you need to collect the planks from the wooden platform where you placed the first Sensor Beacon. Again you can avoid fighting the Fatui and pick up what you need when going your way.

tatara day6 002

The parts that need fixing are the wooden bridge on the northern and western parts of the facility.

For the western wooden bridge, you have to defeat the Fatui Skirmishers that will appear because this is the area where Xavier will go. Thus, you need to make it safe for him.

tatara day6 005

Report back to Xavier and complete today’s quest.

Tatara Tales: The Last Act (Day 7)

You are now on the seventh and last day for this series and thus the day for the Tatara Tales World quest series.

Xavier has completed the necessary preparations, so you can proceed and bring the purification device to the area where the procedure will be done.

Get Close to the Mikage Furnace

Meet up with Xavier on the higher part of the facility and bring the purification device there.

tatara day7 001

The easiest way to the area is to cross the bridge on the right where Xavier was standing and walk up the path on the cliff on the right side of the mine.

tatara day7 002

Search for the Missing Components

While Xavier was checking the device, some components were suddenly missing. He will ask you to check the path you passed through and see if the missing parts are there.

tatara day7 003

After collecting the dropped components, Xavier will quickly repair the device so you can proceed with the purification process.

Go Deeper into the Mikage Furnace

Xavier will bring the purification device to the main smelting furnace of the facility to do some final checking. While there, Fatui enemies will appear, and you have to defeat them all.

tatara day7 004

After this fight with the Fatui, Xavier will continue with the final checking of the device and then bring it to the bottom of the Mikage Furnace.

Perform the Purification Process

When you activate the purification device to start the purification of the Tatarigami energy, Fatui enemies will once again appear to destroy it. Two waves of said opponents will appear, each giving you a challenge.

tatara day7 005

The first wave of enemies includes a Cryo Cicin Mage and Hydrogunner and Cryogunner Legionnaires, while the second wave is a Mirror Maiden and two Fatui Pyro Agents.

The challenge here is to prevent the purification device from getting damaged by the attacks of the Fatui members. The durability will be indicated by an HP bar above the device and on your screen.

The trick here is to taunt the enemies and lure them into attacking you instead of the device. When you have their attention, stay away from the purification device. Also, make sure the grass where the device is is not on fire, or it will damage the device.

After defeating all 6 Fatui enemies, the purification process will be completed. Xavier will appear again and ask you to go with him to the top of the facility and check the Mikage Furnace.

tatara day7 008

Completing the Quest Series

Once everything is in good condition, head back to Kujou Encampment with Xavier and report to Toranosuke the progress.

tatara day7 009

As part of the rewards, you will get after completing the world quest series is unlocking the title “Tatara Tales” and the blueprint for crafting the Serenitea Pot furniture and the Square Yumemiru Stool.

tatara day7 010

Completing this world quest series will also unlock one of the quest requirements of Inazuma’s City Reputation.

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