How to Get Claire and Chris Redfield in Dead by Daylight


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Learn how to get Claire and Chris Redfield in Dead by Daylight!

How to Get Claire and Chris Redfield in Dead by Daylight

As much as Dead by Daylight celebrates franchise monsters and villains, the game also brings in iconic survivors of other media in the same genre. You have characters like Steve and Nancy from Stranger Things and Ripley from Alien; with the Resident Evil franchise, the game has brought in six characters from the original game.

While each Resident Evil DLC does come with specific characters, some somehow elude players since they’re not original characters but alternate skins for existing characters. These include Claire and Chris Redfield in Dead by Daylight.  

Who are the Redfields

Chris and Claire Redfield are protagonists of the Resident Evil franchise, with Chris appearing in the first game and Claire appearing in the sequel Resident Evil 2.

Chris was a well-trained soldier who worked for STARS during the Racoon City Incident, and Claire was his younger sister who worked for TerraSave, an organization formed after the breakout of the T-Virus from the Umbrella Corporation.

The two have appeared in several games, each with their arcs concerning the Umbrella Corporation, and they’re both considered video game icons as far as the survival/horror genre is concerned.

A screenshot showing Claire and Chris Redfield in Dead by Daylight
Claire and Chris Redfield in Dead by Daylight

Legendary Outfits

As mentioned before, unlocking Claire and Chris Redfield is kind of tricky in the game since they’re not playable characters, but ‘Legendary Skins’ for existing playable characters—Jill Valentine and Leon S. Kennedy.

What’s worth mentioning is the Redfield skins are the first of their kind in the game. They change their character’s appearance and come with unique voice lines and character portraits, making them feel like completely new survivors apart from Jill and Leon.

Get Jill and Leon First

Since Claire and Chris are just Legendary Outfits for Jill and Leon, players should ensure they have access to those latter characters first. Jill Valentine and Leon S. Kennedy are survivors that come with the Resident Evil Chapter pack for Dead by Daylight, so players should purchase that expansion first.

Not only does it come with Jill and Leon, but you’ll also get a new killer in the form of Nemesis and a new kind of enemy in the field in the form of zombies. And while players can’t un around Raccoon City, the chapter offers a new map of the RC Police Station—a labyrinthine map that was said to have been an old art museum.

Unlocking the Redfields

Unfortunately, buying the Resident Evil pack won’t automatically unlock Claire and Chris yet. Once you get the pack, you can go to the in-game Dead by Daylight store and purchase them as Legendary Outfits.

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Once you get them, you can easily swap out Jill and Leon for Claire and Chris. Though their moveslists may be the same, the cosmetics provide all-new voice lines and portraits, so you can see why they decided to make the Redfields an alternate purchase for players, as they’re almost completely different characters—at least where aesthetics are concerned.

Other Evil Residents

Besides Nemesis, Leon, Jill, Claire, and Chris, the game has also released a second Resident Evil expansion with PROJECT W, and this time, they’ve brought in Albert Wesker as the killer, with Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers as survivors.

What’s more, the expansion also marked the arrival of more Legendary Outfits featuring Carlos Olveira, a mercenary from Umbrella, and Sheva Alomar, a member of the BSAA on a mission to stop the sale of Bio-Organic Weapons in the black market. Carlos and Sheva are also alternate skins for Leon and Jill as well.

As far as killers go, there’s also a Legendary Killer skin for Hunk, one of the minor antagonists of Resident Evil 2, another ruthless agent of Umbrella who has been called The Grim Reaper and Mr. Death. He’s an alternate skin for the killer Legion.

No doubt, with more RE content, we could get more collaborations with DBD, but for now, the two chapters are available.

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