How To Get Elite Passive Skills in Palworld


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How do you get elite passive skills in Palworld?

How To Get Elite Passive Skills in Palworld

Nintendo may be too safe when shaking up their Pokemon formula, but Pocket Pair delivered a new kind of Poke experience with their ‘Pokemonlike’ game Palworld.

In Palworld, players are thrust into this massive open world that is populated by elemental creatures called Pals; players can go to battle with these Pals with a variety of weapons (like actual guns) and then catch them with ‘Pal Spheres’—much like Pokemon with Pokeballs.

One huge difference in Palworld is that it’s also a survival RPG. Besides catching Pals, you’ll also be encouraged by the game to build a farm and plant resources—with the Pals also there to help you. Not only do you get the signature elements of Pokemon, but other players have been talking about the influence of titles like Vanheim and Horizon Zero Dawn.

Palworld has gained over 7 million players, not a month after its release, causing a storm in the online community sphere. Admittedly, many fans wonder why Nintendo hasn’t sued Pocket Pair yet. Still, everyone is having fun with this new twist on the Pokemon genre, which is said to be trying things that Pokemon fans have wanted Nintendo to do for years.

Gameplay from Pocket Pair's Palworld

Elite Pals and Passive Skills in Palworld

Like any RPG with monsters and items, Palworld has its complicated web of powers and stats. Though there are common pals that you can just walk up and catch, the game also comes with its handful of ‘Legendary Pals,’ and each of them comes with some crazy passive abilities that allow for an extra boost to other characters.

To contextualize, Passive Abilities are automatically turned on when a fight starts in the game. Its counterpart, Active Abilities, are powers you have to purposefully activate to gain its effects (like healing and whatnot).

In Palworld, Passive Abilities are traits that affect an individual Pal. Each different Pal has a variety of acquired skills, and the rarer the Pal, the rare the skills they manage to possess.

Gameplay from Pocket Pair's Palworld

Which Legendary Pal Holds What Skill?

Thanks to Reddit user u/daetsmra, we have a rough breakdown of the Legendary Pals, which kind of Passive Skill they have, and what effect.

Here’s a breakdown of the skills, their effect, and which Pal holds them:

Celestial Emperor (Possessed by Paladius lvl 50) – 20% increase to Neutral attack damage              

Divine Dragon (Possessed by Jetdragon lvl 50) – 20% increase to Dragon attack damage

Earth Emperor (Possessed by Anubis lvl 49) – 20% increase to Ground attack damage

Flame Emperor (Possessed by Blazamut lvl 49)  – 20% increase to Fire attack damage

Ice Emperor (Possessed by Frostallion lvl 50)  – 20% increase to Ice attack damage

Lord of Lightning (Possessed by Orserk lvl 40) – 20% increase to Electric attack damage

Lord of the Sea (Possessed by Jormuntide lvl 45) – 20% increase to Water attack damage

Lord of the Underworld (Possessed by Necromus lvl 50) – 20% increase to Dark attack damage

Spirit Emperor (Possessed by Lyleen lvl 41; from raids) – 20% increase to Grass attack damage

It will take a significant amount of work to beat these specific Pals, but it does track that these Alpha Bosses would also contain some high-stat exclusive skills that you can use on your personal pals.

Moving Forward

The situation with Palword is still in its very early stages, so players should expect some sort of change regarding the live service.

Multiple players have been making reports and criticisms that the game is very buggy and unbalanced, so there is a chance that something could be changed down the line. In the meantime, many players are having fun with Palworld; so far, Nintendo hasn’t found a legal reason why they could shut them down.

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