Ghost of Tsushima Movie in the Works



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After the release of Uncharted and the development of HBO’s The Last of Us series, another PlayStation property is set to be coming to the big screen.

Ghost of Tsushima Movie in the Works

Deadline reports that Takashi Doscher has been hired to write a Ghost of Tsushima adaptation screenplay. We do not have many details on the movie adaptation, but we do know that Daisuke Tsuji, who played the part and the face of the game’s lead, Jin Sakai, is interested in being included in the movie:

Ghost of Tsushima is a PlayStation exclusive from Sucker Punch Productions, which follows the story of fallen samurai Jin Sakai. In his quest to fight against the invading Mongols, Jin is forced to choose between honoring his samurai upbringing or embracing the darker path of the shinobi assassin.

I thought that the story for Ghost of Tsushima was pretty plain, but Sucker Punch was able to turn heads with the breathtaking visuals. Tsushima was so cinematic that it felt like you were thrust into an Akira Kurosawa period movie.

The gameplay delves deep into giving players a full “samurai” experience, what with the arsenal of weapons Jin has at his disposal and the different sword stances that make combat fun.

Forge a new path and wage an unconventional war for the freedom of Tsushima. Challenge opponents with your katana, master the bow to eliminate distant threats, develop stealth tactics to ambush enemies, and explore a new story on Iki Island.

We do not have a release window on the movie yet, but Ghost of Tsushima is available for PlayStation.

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