God of War Ragnarok Referenced Kratos’ Time in PlayStation All-Stars



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It’s no joke that God of War Ragnarok is a huge game, and for all the seriousness about Kratos and Atreus’ story, there is room once in a while for levity. What’s fun is, there are some Easter Eggs referencing Kratos’ appearance in other material.

God of War Ragnarok Referenced Kratos' Time in PlayStation All-Stars

In one particular piece of dialogue, Mimir references Kratos’ time in PlayStation All-Stars, the Smash clone bringing together all characters from PS exclusives. Watch this:

Mimir says, “… I also heard that you once fought in tournament… but this particular one, I heard you did battle with beasts, scoundrels, princesses, the undead, automatons, and… history’s greatest musician. That’s not… that’s not true, is it?” To which Kratos replies, “I would not speak of this.”

Mimir could be referencing several different characters in the game with one word, but fans guess that beasts could be Ratchet (Ratchet and Clank), scoundrels could refer to Sly Cooper and Nathan Drake (Uncharted), princesses to Fat Princess, the undead to Daniel Fortesque (MediEvil), automatons to the Big Daddy (BioShock), and History’s Greatest Musician was PaRappa the Rapper.

The Easter Eggs don’t stop in the dialogue as well, there are also some codex entries that refer to games like The Last of Us and Horizon Zero Dawn. With a lot of players still going through the game, we should expect some more reveals throughout the week.

For now, God of War Ragnarok is now available to play on PlayStation 4|5.

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