God of War Ragnarok UX Designer Joins Wonder Woman Game


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Monolith Games had delivered us the Shadow of Mordor titles, but it was a year ago when it was announced that they would be working on a Wonder Woman title. We haven’t had any update on the game since, but God of War Ragnarok UX (User Experience) Designer Mila Pavlin has confirmed that she’s involved with development.

God of War Ragnarok UX Designer Joins Wonder Woman Game

This is her post:

Pavlin doesn’t really give us any specifics about the game, but at least we know that the team is fully committed to bringing the game to players with disabilities.  Besides the features that had been praised with games like Ragnarok, PlayStation is also at work with a n accessible controller dubbed Project Leonardo.

As for the Wonder Woman game, we don’t have a look at gameplay yet, but if you’ve checked out Shadow of Mordor, you could have an idea of what kind of system the game has when it comes to Diana and her return of Themyscira.

Here’s the official description for the Wonder Woman game:

She will fight to unite the warriors of two worlds. You are Wonder Woman.

In development by Monolith Productions, creators of the critically acclaimed Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor™ and sequel Middle-earth: Shadow of War™, this open-world action-adventure game will feature the beloved DC Super Hero, Wonder Woman.

The single player open-world action game will introduce an original story set in the DC Universe and allow players to become Diana of Themyscira in the fight to unite her Amazon family and the humans from the modern world.

 Powered by the Nemesis System, gamers will forge deep connections with both enemies and allies as they progress from a heroic fighter into a proven leader.

Wonder Woman is yet to have a release date, but hopefully we can get a launch sometime in 2024.

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