Greek Inspired RPG Asterigos Confirmed for PS5, PS4


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The high fantasy RPG is heading to PS5 and PS4

Developer Acme Gamestudio has revealed that the action RPG Asterigos will be heading to PS5, PS4, and PC. Asterigos will launch for the PlayStation 4 and PC by late spring 2022, with an enhanced PlayStation 5 version coming out in late fall of 2022. Asterigos will be powered by Unreal Engine 4.

Greek Inspired RPG Asterigos Confirmed for PS5, PS4

Asterigos is a 3D action RPG set in a high fantasy world mixed with Greek-inspired mythology. The story is set in a long-forgotten land known as the lost state of Aphes. A brave young warrior called Hilda from the Northwind Legion is on a personal mission to find her missing father and enters a mythical cursed metropolis.

Hilda will face terrorising otherworldly creatures who now plague the walls of this blemish city. While exploring Aphes, the fallen city of the stars, Hilda will have to dive headfirst into discovering the truth about the past to restore it to its previous grandeur. Hilda will face many challenging choices that will twist and shape the fate of the entire kingdom.

The game will feature free exploration in a dammed ancient city, with interconnected maps woven into the adventure. Cursed afflicted beasts wreak havoc upon the realm, and the warrior Hilda armed with the all-mighty power of the gods must defeat them to now uncover the truth.

On the PlayStation Blog, Cheng Hsien Lin, the Game Director for Acme GameStudio, states:

“The talent system allows you to pick and expand your combat style by choosing two out of six completely different weapons.”

These six weapons will include the sword and shield, dual blades, spear, hammer, staff and magical bracelets. The combat options are heavily tied into the character progression.

Over on the Acme Gamestudio YouTube page, a few videos demonstrate these weapons in full swing.

Asterigos Offical Trailer –

The game trailer shows off some impressive gameplay. Firstly, it starts unveiling the metropolis in its former glory, with towering fortifications and proud statues occupying the city. Then, it transitions to scenes where things go terribly wrong for the citizens as they painfully transform into monstrous creatures. Later on, we get to see first-hand Hilda’s stylish combat in play. With her striking down hordes of enemies with devastating physical and magical attacks, along with seeing an extensive range of creepy and demonic creatures unleashing their otherworldly powers towards the young heroine.

Weapon Demos –

Sword and Shield –

The sword and shield combo can be utilised to help her balance between attacking and defending. Additionally, she will be able to block most of the attacks from frontal assaults.

Dual Blades –

The fancy blades can be flung at opponents, which seem suited for agile and flexible attacks. Furthermore, these fast-paced attacks will allow the hero to step back from the enemy swiftly.

Spear –

On the surface, it appears you will need fast reflexes to parry adversaries at the right time when wielding the spear; however, when executed correctly, it will deal rewarding and satisfying damage in return.

Hammer –

The heavy and mighty hammer can be swung powerfully at enemy’s to easily break their balance, bringing them tumbling to the ground.

The Staff –

The staff can be used to cast magical spells at a distance, allowing the young warrior to get the drop on awkward foes.

Magic Bracelets –

Finally, the enchanted bracelet can be used to set up magic mines to make the surrounding area work to their advantage and give them that all-important critical edge in battle.


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