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In The Sims 4: Werewolves, a diverse list of premade characters can provide you with plenty of information about the world’s history and culture. If you ask the NPCs about Moonwood Mill and Werewolves, they share different stories about the place and their experience dealing with wolfmen in packs. But when asked about Greg, the residents of Moonwood Mill tell you the same thing: RUN.

Who is Greg and How to Find Him in The Sims 4

Greg is an infamous werewolf in The Sims 4 world and the Sims community. Players have been bewildered by Greg long before the game pack was released. His mysterious presence in the earlier promotional ads, where they only show pictures littered with warning signs and not the actual wolfman himself, had left Simmers thinking, “Who is Greg?”

As shown in the official trailer, a young woman named Lux Demarco is running in the woods, seemingly trying to flee from someone. Lux is seen slowly transforming into a werewolf, and it was none other than Greg who purposely gave her the curse.

There will be story spoilers ahead for those who want to uncover Greg’s lore by themselves. Jump to this section to get right into finding out Greg’s whereabouts.

Greg the Werewolf

Greg Greg

Greg in the game appears precisely how he is portrayed in the ads. He is mean, a loner, and has powerful werewolf abilities. Greg likes scaring the living daylights of poor humans, vampires, and werewolves that wander near his trailer’s vicinity. Everyone collectively agrees that he is a threat to all creatures and should always be left alone.

The majority know him as just Greg. Only a few are aware that his full name is Greggorius Lunvik. His name may sound old-fashioned, but only because he has been living for as long as the oldest vampire in Forgotten Hollow. Although he may be hundreds of years old, he looks like a middle-aged man in human form. However, Greg would not be caught dead in his human form. Unless you are undaunted by him and decide to be his friend, he will always appear as a werewolf.

Greg GregsDiary

As you dig around for more info about Greg through reading books and translating relics, you will find that he was one of the original Mooncasters. These were once Spellcasters who harnessed power from the moon. Mooncasters eventually became werewolves after they absorbed the energy of their familiars. Greg’s familiar, Brutus, was a ferocious alpha wolf feared by many during his time. As a result, Greg became unsurpassable in any fight. But at the cost of having an uncontrollable fury whenever he transforms.

The Tragic Life of Greggorrius Lunvik

Greg CAS2

Greg is best described as someone who is drowning in a river of fury. However, there was a time when he was just a simple man in love. Before vampires plotted to take over the magic realm and eradicate all werewolves, he was with his Fated Partner, Avelina. Blissfully unaware of what was to come, they spent years honing their powers in Glimmerbrook.

Avelina was a brilliant Mooncaster deeply fascinated with the moon and space. Using her wide knowledge of the lunar cycle and its effect on the surroundings, she helped Greg reach the full potential of his powers. Things began to go downhill after Greg tried to push the boundaries of his lupine abilities. He found he could no longer control his fury while in werewolf form.

Greg Cowplant

Moocasters were in charge of taming Cowplants to defend against vampires. Greg and Avelina had a close friend named Yina Kia, an adventurous Mooncaster who took part in the Mooncasters and Moocasters’ allegiance. Unfortunately, Yina Kia lost her life when she was eaten by one of the Cowplants. This event resulted in Greg going off and killing the Cowplant, ultimately breaking the two groups’ alliance.

For years, the couple tried to find a way to mitigate a werewolf’s fury permanently. However, Avelina had trouble dealing with Greg’s incessant rampages and somehow lost her mind gradually over time. Ultimately, she also lost her life as she no longer cared for herself. Greg has not been the same ever since.

Greg’s Location

Greg Map2

To get a glimpse of the angriest werewolf in Moonwood Mill, you can head to Greg’s home shown in the image above. Unsurprisingly, he separates himself from his fellow townsfolk. His trailer is deep in the woods, right beside the crescent-shaped lake. The only concrete thing that links him to the other residents is the bridge above the lake. You can view the map to check Greg’s trailer by pressing the button on the PC.

Greg FullMoon

You can visit Greg anytime, but he becomes more dangerous when the moon is full, a time when werewolves reach the highest point of their fury. The Wolfman hangs outside his trailer during this lunar phase, unleashing fury on all the creatures lurking nearby his property.

Greg Inspect

Once you walk up near Greg’s trailer, you can aggravate him by inspecting the signs that say ‘Beware’ in Simlish. Greg will respond by coming out of his house and howling at the moon.

Lone Wolf Greg

Greg Brawl1

It is evident now that Greg’s role in the game is much more important than some people perceived before the DLC’s release. His significance to the Werewolves pack’s lore and gameplay goes much deeper.

Players who choose to complete the Lone Wolf aspiration will have to win against Greg in a brawl. Greg acts as the final obstacle your Sim must overcome to live a fulfilling lonesome life.

Greg Brawl2

Defeating Greg in a fight will reward you with the Threatening Presence trait. This trait will earn your Sim the bragging rights they need for overthrowing the most tenacious werewolf in Moonwood Mill. The Threatening Presence trait will inspire fear in anyone around your Sim, earning them all the alone time they want.

How To Get Greg-nant

Greg Jessica

Greg has indeed had a tragic past. And since the community feels that he deserves a much happier ending, they challenge Simmers to befriend and romance the ornery werewolf.

Although players claim that taming Greg is impossible without cheats, some have prevailed in wooing Greg. Some have even gone as far as getting their Sims pregnant with Greg’s werebabies. Hence the term, Gregnant.

If you want to succeed in plowing through Greg’s stone-cold heart, you will have to use a human or spellcaster in this challenge. A vampire or werewolf Sim would most likely get beaten up by Greg when he sees them. Buying the Brave trait in the Satisfaction Rewards Store can also help toughen up your Sims so they can withstand Greg’s fearsome howls.

Try not to come on too strong on Greg, as he will not always be in the mood to entertain unwanted guests. Click the ‘Attempt to Communicate’ and ‘Cry Greg’ action bubbles so you can unlock more interactions with him. You can take it slow. Strike up a casual conversation with him. Maybe take a few selfies until he becomes familiarized with your face.

Once Greg finally eases into a pleasant conversation with you, you can go all-out on flirting with him. Invite Greg for a Woo-Hoo as soon as you see him completely smitten with your Sim. And off to the party bushes, you can try for pregnancy with Greg.

And that is all you need to know about Greg and his whereabouts. More news, articles, and guides on The Sims 4 can be found here on PlayerAssist.com.

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