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Humans tower over insects and other critters, but when the tables turn, you’ll have to run from the gigantic insects. In Grounded, you play as shrunken humans to avoid death by insects, and using natural resources is essential to your survival.

How to Make Floors in Grounded

If you want to make a shelter, you’ll need floors and stairs. However, these are locked behind quests and research. Read on to find out the requirements for unlocking floors in Grounded.

Requirements for Building Floors in Grounded

The first thing you must consider to craft floors is quest progress. You can only unlock them after completing all the available main story quests. Since the game’s still in a beta state, there aren’t that many, so it shouldn’t take too long.

When you’ve already fixed a Mysterious Machine and investigated an explosion at a particular oak tree, that’s the farthest progress available. By this time, the Oak Lab becomes accessible, and that’s where you should head to as soon as possible.

There, you’ll meet BURG.L, a curious robot. However, he’s not functional yet and requires some repairs. The nearby Grasslands BURG.L chip is what allows you to fix him.

Here’s what will happen when you set out to fix him:

  1. Interact with BURG.L first.
  2. You’ll get a dialog box with “I found a BURG.L chip” on it.
  3. Next, pick “I’ll trade you some Raw Science.”
  4. Select “Multi-Story Bases” to gain the ability to construct floors.

Raw Science is a currency in Grounded used to unlock crafting recipes. Floors are no exception, and this recipe requires 1,000 Raw Science.

Getting Raw Science

The easiest way to get Raw Science is to complete BURG.L’s quests. Every in-game day, you can complete three. The amount of Raw Science from completing them varies depending on the mission.

The various types of repeatable BURG.L quests are:

  • Artificer Quests
  • Hunter Quests

Artificer Quests involve crafting a single item or multiples, and they’re the easiest ones to complete. On the other hand, Hunter Quests are more complex. BURG.L will specify insects to kill, and they sometimes only reward you 10 Raw Science.

The best Artificer Quests give you 750 Raw Science, and the best Hunter Quest, hunting a Wolf Spider, will reward you with 250. If you’re fortunate, all you need is one in-game day to get the ability to build floors.

Other quests are non-repeatable but reward you with more Raw Science than most repeatable quests. They are:

  • Explorer Quests
  • Chipsleuth Quests

The former type of mission isn’t too hard, as you only have to reach a marker. Chipsleuth Quests are different, as BURG.L asks you to retrieve other BURG.L chips in the backyard. Unlocking these new chips also allows players to get new items from his shop.

Sometimes, you can also find Raw Science around the world. Those locations are usually hidden or hard to reach, though.

It might take a while to earn 1,000 Raw Science, but perseverance and patience will help.

Making Floors in Grounded

At this point, you’ll already have a base, but it’s a single-floor building. Once you buy the blueprint, all you need are the ingredients for a floor and staircase.

Floors require four Grass Planks, obtainable from chopping grass. Staircases require four Grass Planks and a Weed Stem. With both items, your base can become a multi-floor structure.

Fix Me First

Aside from BURG.L’s strange diction and quests, getting floors in Grounded isn’t tricky. The only problem is potentially grinding many quests; however, including the non-repeatable missions, you should earn enough in no time. Floors are great for bases, as they protect you from the creepy crawlies roaming in the backyard.

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