How To Spawn Online Cars in Single Player in GTA 5


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Here’s how to spawn GTA Online Cars in GTA 5 single-player.

How To Spawn Online Cars in Single Player in GTA 5

GTA Online features a more up-to-date vehicle catalog than GTA 5 Single Player. Unfortunately, GTA Online and GTA 5 aren’t the same game, so there’s little to no chance you’ll find GTA Online cars in GTA Offline.

There is a way to spawn online cars in GTA 5 single-player. We will show you how in this quick guide.

How to Spawn GTA Online Cars in GTA 5 Single Player

The easiest and fastest way to spawn GTA Online Cars in GTA 5 Single Player is through a Trainer. In case you didn’t know, a Trainer is a third-party mod that gives you more control over various game elements in GTA 5, such as weather, time, money, cops, and many more. You even gain the ability to spawn just about every type of vehicle that’s been released for both GTA 5 and GTA Online.

If you want to spawn online cars in GTA 5 single-player, then a Trainer is the way to go. Here’s how to install and use it.

How to Install a Trainer to Spawn Online Cars in GTA 5

  1. Download ScriptHookV from the dev website.
Download ScriptHookV to use Trainers in GTA V

2. Unpack the .zip file.

Unzip the Zip file for the ScriptHookV file

3. Copy all the contents of the “bin” folder.

Copy and paste the ScriptHookV files to your GTA V root folder to use Trainers.

4. Navigate to your GTA V root directory. Typically, you can find GTA V here:

  • For Steam, you can find the GTA V root folder in Local Disk C>Program Files>STEAM>steamapps>common>GTAV.
  • The GTA V root folder for Epic Games at Local Disk C>Program Files>Epic Games>GTAV can be found.

5. Paste the files into the GTA V root directory.

A screenshot showing where to find the ScriptHookV file in your GTA 5 folder

6. Download the Simple Trainer mod from the gta5-mods website.

Download Simple Trainer for GTA V to gain the ability to spawn GTA Online cars in single-player.

7. Unpack the .zip file.

Unzip the zip file for the Simple Trainer Mod

8. Copy the contents of the unpacked folder.

Copy the files into your GTA 5 folder

9. Paste the files into the GTA V root directory.

Copy the Simple Trainer files and paste them into your GTA V root folder.

How to Use a Trainer to Spawn Online Cars

After you have installed the Simple Trainer mod, you can now access the trainer menu by pressing F4 on your keyboard. Here are some basic controls to get you started.

The Vehicle Spawning option gives you the ability to spawn GTA Online cars in single-player.
  • Show/Hide Trainer Menu – F4
  • Up – Numpad 8
  • Down – Numpad 2
  • Cancel – Backspace
  • Enter – Numpad 5
  • Back – Numpad 0

The option to spawn cars can be found under the Vehicle Spawning Options menu. Under Vehicle Spawning Options, there will be a list of all the vehicle types you can spawn using the Trainer. Check each type and simply press the “Enter” keybind to spawn the vehicle automatically.

You can spawn almost any type of GTA Online car in single-player through the Trainer.

You can also toggle various vehicle spawning options through the Trainer. Try out every option to get the most out of vehicle spawning in GTA 5.

Using a Trainer will be difficult, if not impossible, without a Numpad in GTA 5. If you use a keyboard without a number pad, your only option is to modify Trainer key binds. Check out our guide on How To Use Trainer, where we also walk you through how to use a Trainer without a numpad.

Final Thoughts

There are many exciting vehicles in GTA Online that you will never get to own or drive in GTA 5 Offline. Unfortunately, the only way to get those cars in GTA 5 is by using a third-party mod called a Trainer, which allows you to spawn any vehicle in the game.

Install Simple Trainer and navigate the Vehicle Spawning option to find and spawn any car in GTA 5 single-player.

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