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Learn how to complete the Snatched random event in GTA 5!

GTA 5: Snatched Random Event Guide

The Snatched Random Event will be one of your encounters with The Lost MC in GTA 5, most of which will be triggered through Trevor’s storyline. However, you won’t have to play as Trevor to trigger this Random Event, as any of the three protagonists will have a chance to save a girl from being kidnapped by the Lost MC.

This quick guide outlines everything you need to know about the Snatched Random Event in GTA 5.

What is the Snatched Random Event in GTA 5?

The Snatched Random Event is one of 60 Events you will encounter in GTA 5. In the Snatched Random Event, you will encounter Trevor’s favorite motorcycle club, The Lost MC, in Vinewood Hills as they attempt to kidnap a random girl.

This Random Event will trigger randomly as you drive through the residential area in Vinewood Hills. You will spot a black van and several Lost MC members attempting to load a random girl into the back of their van. A red dot will appear on the map once the Random Event is triggered.

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Shoot the van to force the Lost MC members into a gunfight, then take out all the Lost MC members with your favorite gun. After successfully dealing with the Lost MC members, return to the van and rescue the girl.

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The girl will ask you to take her to a different location. On your way there, a few more Lost MC members will show up and try to shoot you down. Gun them down, then continue making your way to the final location.

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Snatched Random Event Location

The Snatched Random Event can be found in South Mo Milton Drive in Vinewood Hills. A red dot will appear on the map when the Random Event is triggered. Head to the red dot as quickly as possible, then get out of your car and shoot at the van to stop the Lost MC from fleeing.

After dealing with the Lost MC, the girl will ask you to drop her at Ineseno Road in Chumash, where a friend will be waiting to pick her up. Drive to the target location to complete the Random Event.

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Snatched Random Event Rewards

Despite risking your life to save her from The Lost MC, the girl will give you $0 for your effort. If you’re playing as Trevor, take the girl to the Altruist Cult to get $1000 instead.

While you won’t get anything for your effort in the Snatched Random Event, you can check off 1 Random Event from the 14 you need to complete GTA 5 with 100% completion.

A Lost Cause

The Lost MC is more than just your average biker gang – they engage in illegal underdealings such as weapons trades, drug sales, and many other illicit activities. This is the same reason why they got tangled with Trevor in the main storyline.

The Snatched Random Event is just one of your many encounters with the Lost MC. Refer to the guide above to find and complete this Random Event in GTA 5.

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