How To Get Removed Cars in GTA V


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You can still get removed cars in GTA V. Here’s how to do it.

How To Get Removed Cars in GTA V

To streamline the browsing experience within the game’s websites, Rockstar Games removed close to 200 cars in GTA Online as part of the GTA Online: San Andreas Mercenaries update back on June 13. After the update, you can no longer purchase those 200 cars from in-game websites such as Legendary Motorsport, Southern San Andreas Super Autos, Warstock Cache & Carry, and others.

Around the same time, Rockstar Games also released the Vinewood Car Club – an exclusive GTA+ members-only garage you can visit to browse a warehouse full of vehicles you can purchase at a discount.

After the June 13 update, you would have to get creative if you want to get any of the cars in GTA V. Don’t worry; we will walk you through all the methods you can try to remove cars in GTA V in this guide.

How To Get Removed Cars in GTA V

The 200 cars removed from GTA V aren’t permanently deleted from the game, and you can still find these GTA Online vehicles in various dealers or locations in the game.

You can purchase removed cars in GTA Online from Luxury Autos.

Below are some ways to get the cars in GTA V for old-gen and new-gen consoles.

Get Removed Cars in GTA V on PS4/XboxOne/PC

  • Casino Podium/Lucky Wheel
  • LS Car Meet Prize Ride
  • LS Car Meet Test Ride
  • Dealerships
  • Auto Shop
  • Clubhouse
  • Grand Theft Auto

The Casino Podium in Diamond Casino can feature one of the two hundred cars that Rockstar removed from GTA Online. You can win this vehicle by spinning the Lucky Wheel inside the casino every 24 hours.

Another way to get the cars that Rockstar games removed from GTA Online is by visiting the LS Car Meet. Within the LS Car Meet is the Prize Ride Challenge, where you can win a car for completing weekly challenges. The Test Ride section will also feature cars that Rockstar Games removed from GTA Online. You can purchase those cars with your in-game money.

A screenshot showing a car on a transport in Car Mechanic Simulator

Dealerships such as Luxury Autos or Premium Deluxe Motorsport will sell cars that Rockstar Games removed from GTA Online. You can visit these two locations to check their current offerings.

If you own an Auto Shop business in GTA Online, there’s a chance cars that the devs removed from GTA V will show up. You can purchase these cars directly from your Auto Shop.

Aside from cars, Rockstar Games also removed some motorcycles from GTA Online. Fortunately, you can still get the deleted motorcycles if you own a Clubhouse. You can purchase customer motorcycles from your Club House as you would with cars in your Auto Shop.

As mentioned, cars Rockstar Games removed from GTA V aren’t permanently removed from the game. You can still find these cars driving around the game, which means you can also simply steal them for free.

How to Get Removed Cars in GTA V on PS5/Xbox Series X|S

All the abovementioned methods will work for GTA V on PS5/Xbox Series X|S. New-gen consoles, however, get two additional exclusive methods you can use to get cars in GTA V.

  • LS Car Meet Buy From Other Players
  • Vinewood Car Club (GTA+)

GTA V on PS5/Xbox Series X|S lets you buy cars from other players in the LS Car Meet. However, you must ensure the owner has HSW Specification Service enabled first.

Lastly, the Vinewood Car Club is a new location you can visit to browse cars in GTA Online. The garage will also feature cars that Rockstar Games has removed from the game, but you can only purchase vehicles here if you have an existing GTA+ membership.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, you can no longer purchase popular vehicles from in-game websites in GTA V/GTA Online. Right now, the only way to get those cars is by going to the LS Car Meet, visiting Dealerships, owning an Auto Shop/Clubhouse, or stealing them in-game. You can also try your luck at the Lucky Wheel at the Diamond Casino, but there’s too much RNG involved in that method to be a viable option.

Nevertheless, we hope the methods outlined in this guide can help you find and purchase those cars in the game. Just be patient; you should eventually find and acquire one of the cars Rockstar Games removed from the game.

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