Guide: How Long is Where the Heart Leads?


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How long does it take to finish Where the Heart Leads on PS4? Armature Studios’ journey through time is not a quick one and you’ll need to be ready to invest a fair bit of time.

Guide: How Long is Where the Heart Leads?

Armature Studios’ Where the Heart Leads is not a quick game to finish. It’s long, and as noted in my review, at times it feels like it’s a little bit too long. By the time I got to the end of the story, though, I felt guilty for my complaints. You’ll understand when you play it.

How long to finish Where the Heart Leads

Where the Heart Leads will take you at least 10-12 hours to finish, providing that you’re reading all of the dialogue and doing more than the bare minimum when it comes to character interactions throughout Whit’s story.

You could bring this time down by mashing the X button whenever anybody is talking, but why would you do that? You need to read every bit of dialogue to learn about each character. Mashing the X button to get to the end quickly kind of defeats the purpose of playing the game…

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How long to get the Platinum trophy?

If you want to go for the Platinum trophy, you will have to go through the game twice at the very least, so you can expect to take around 20-24 hours to get the Platinum trophy.

Where the Heart Leads has more decisions than you can shake a boxed copy of the game at. These decisions will influence how your playthrough goes, and they will affect which trophies you can earn during your playthrough. There are no two ways around it, though – to get the Platinum, you will need to play through the game twice while making notes as to which decisions you should make to get specific trophies.

To save time, you could split your single playthrough across multiple save files – saving the game before big, life-changing decisions come into play. However, it’s not always obvious when such a decision will crop up. My advice is to just play the game your own way the first time around, and then if you really do feel the need to get the Platinum trophy, go through it again with some notes. Mind you, as noted in my Where the Heart Leads review, I don’t think the game needs to be played more than once, and doing so goes against the game’s central themes. But that’s just me…

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