Guide: How Long to Beat Trigger Witch?


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Rainbite’s charming 2D twin-stick shoot-em-up is here, but how long does it take to complete? How long will you be grinding for the Platinum? Find out in our guide.

Trigger Witch has finally come blasting to consoles and PC, and its mash up of 2D graphics and twin-stick action come together for a good time like a couple of lovebirds at a disco.

Guide: How Long to Beat Trigger Witch?

For more on how it plays, you can head over to our Trigger Witch review, but if you’ve made it this far you are probably keen to find out how long it takes to beat the game.

How long is the story mode?

During my playthrough for the review, I managed to beat Trigger Witch in 10 hours (10 hours and 1 minute to be precise!), and that included grabbing all the collectables and chests. I played on Normal, so tweaking the difficulty may give you different returns should you want a longer or shorter experience, because like I said in my Trigger Witch review, it’s not a difficult game.

How long to get all the trophies and the Platinum trophy?

Trophy hunters will be pleased to know that most trophies are earned during the course of the story. There are a few tied to challenges, such as shooting three enemies at once with the telescopic gun or beating the Gauntlet with 15 seconds left to spare, but all of them can be completed as you play. Any missing collectables can be grabbed after the credits roll since the game allows you to continue to explore the map upon completion of the story.

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Personally I am missing the complete all Broom rides trophy for the Platinum, and having finished the campaign I have no idea if I have missed it or if the trophy is bugged, as you complete the broom rides during the main story. Other than that one trophy either being missable or bugged (hopefully it is either patched out or I find where I missed a broom ride!)

[UPDATE – I started a New Game+, and the trophy popped when I completed the first broom section again. Ordinarily, you should be able to get the Platinum trophy in one playthrough – New Game+ is not required, normally…]

So there you have it – Trigger Witch is a decent game that can be Platinumed in about 10 hours of play, and although its story doesn’t do anything new (until the final act where I actually laughed out loud), its solid gameplay and rewarding loop are enough to keep you satisfied until the end credits roll. Not too long, not too short, either. Just about right.

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