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Kitaria Fables is a great RPG game that uses farming mechanics to give the overall experience a distinctive feel. Like many RPG games, Kitaria Fables can be ambiguous as to what avenues are worth sinking your time into, let alone the added factor of managing your plot of land. So, if you’re feeling like your garden is not up to scratch, here are a few tips and tricks that will hopefully help you along your travels.

Guide: Kitaria Fables Tips and Tricks

Money Talks

Just like in real life, money will help you progress through Kitaria Fables main story, as this will enable you to buy equipment upgrades and purchase miscellaneous items from shops.

With a big emphasis on the game growing and harvesting your crop at your old family farmhouse at Thunderbunn Farm, you’d think utilizing the farm is one of the best ways, if not the best way, to earn that wonga. But, unfortunately, this isn’t the case remotely.

You can grow and sell the food, but this will result in a minimal surplus. For example, if you buy one carrot seed for 40 paw pennies, after you’ve grown and harvest the blitter, it will sell for 60 paw pennies. Not the best margins, are they?

The best way I found to rake in the money was by selling an item called Amber. I guess selling items dropped by monsters is a form of farming. You obtain Amber by defeating monsters that reside in the forest, and each Amber individually will sell for 1,000 paw pennies. Amber is dropped randomly by monsters that dwell in the forest, so you might be there for a few minutes before any monsters drop any. In my endeavours, I found Amber mainly dropped in the Forest Plantation and Forest Sanctuary.

If you do use this trick, be mindful that you will need Amber as a raw material to create a few spells at Sage Alby’s house in the Forest Entrance and armour at Rufus shop at Rivero Fortress, so you may want to keep a few depending on what’s on your hit list at the time.

To sell an item, there will be a sell box right outside your farmhouse; plonk the goodies you want to sell into the box, and when the next day arrives in the game, it will sell automatically.

Wheat to Wheat

Many animal neighbours will ask you to obtain specific items throughout your adventure, and these will usually revolve around your farm. This will probably be the primary time you’ll spend at your farm, as growing foods for health items on the battlefield will become redundant later on in the game due to magical spells you can buy or simply being lazy and buying health items at shops.

Although, if you’re at a part of the game that requires you to use the farm, remember on days that it’s raining, the plants will automatically be watered and won’t need you to do a 180 and return to the farm with your watering can to water the crops. If you’re a bit impatient and want the crop to hurry up and grow, make sure to sleep in the bed at the farmhouse. Not only will it replenish your health, but it will fast forward a day within the day-cycle. You can also use this trick to speed up the process of selling unwanted goods in the sell box.

The Magic in Farming

At Sage Alby’s house in the Forest Entrance, there will be a Magic Cauldron that you can forge new magical spells together. There are four types of elemental spells: Fire, Water, Wind and Earth. To learn the ability of a new spell, you will need a certain amount of Spheres in a specific magical element. You can find the occasional elemental Sphere in a chest across the map, but the best way is to make them yourself.

You can create a Sphere at Timmy’s store in Paw Village. However, to make a single Sphere it will require 10 Vengeful Souls. Luckily, this item is dropped by a bunch of different monsters dotted across the map, and you won’t have too much of a problem gathering them, but I would still highly advise not to sell this item.

Dig Something Up

Like the magical spells, making the next advancement in weaponry and armour will sometimes require a certain amount of Copper, Silver or Gold Ingot. The best way to forge Ingot is by either getting Copper, Silver or Gold Ore, respectively.

How do you obtain ore? By using your trusty pick-axe and slamming down on some stones. At the beginning of your game, if you have your eye on a particular upgrade, then mine the stones scattered across Thunderbunn Farm and Paw Village. However, later on in the game, you’ll find stones in abundance at Mountain Field and Mountain Tunnel. So, don’t waste too much of your time grinding at the beginning segments.

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