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If you’re in desperate need of a card to make your Gwent deck work like clockwork, Scraps are pretty much the only way to do it. While card kegs make a significant part of the Gwent card and currency economy, crafting is the only way to get precisely what you want and not rely on random pulls. It’s especially true for higher card rarities.

How to Get Scraps in Gwent

In this article, we’ll list all the ways you can get and use Scraps in Gwent. Make your deck streamlined, and get ready to climb to the top of the ladder with the cards you need.

Getting Scraps in Gwent

Scraps are one of the three main currencies in Gwent, alongside Ore and Meteorite Powder. There are a few ways to get Scraps, although some are more reliable than others.

Getting a GG

One of the easiest but least reliable ways to get some Scraps is to play a game and get a “Good Game” (GG) from an opponent when the match ends. Each time you get GG, you’re awarded five Ore or five Scraps.

While this method works whether or not you win the match, not all opponents will give you a GG when the game ends, so you have to chance upon GGs. Additionally, this method is relatively slow when you need a significant amount of Scraps for crafting.

You can do the same for other players, granting them a slight boost at the end of the match.

Since this doesn’t really take much time, consider giving out GGs whenever possible. Your opponents are more likely to appreciate the effort and might consider giving more GGs to their opponents (which could be you sometimes) as a result.

Winning a Game and Reward Nodes

Apart from getting a GG at the end of the match, you also get some Scraps by winning games against non-AI opponents.

Winning matches also progress you on the seasonal reward tracks, which unlock reward nodes as you make certain milestones. These rewards often contain kegs or Ore, which are an indirect way of getting more cards, and therefore more Scraps by using the crafting menu. As a result, you should always note what reward trees you’re currently pursuing and try getting the highest track rewards. Some trees are lucrative investments while others offer fewer rewards overall, but each of them is a decent way to get more cards and options.

Crafting and Milling Cards

One of the most straightforward ways to get Scraps, and the only way to use them, is through the game’s crafting service.

You can mill (often referred to as “scrapping” or “destroying,” and not to be confused with the game term in matches) cards to get some Scraps out of them in the crafting menu. Doing so removes the milled card(s) from your collection. Milling is the only way to get some value out of superfluous cards or cards you’re not currently using in decks.

You can also use Scraps to create new cards in the crafting menu and even create premium (animated) versions of these cards. Creating new cards from Scraps is much more resource-intensive than milling cards, and you’ll need to mill at least a few cards to get enough Scraps to make a card of the same rarity.

Below outlines the number of Scraps you get from milling and how much you need to craft a card. Note that milling premium cards also awards Meteorite Powder, which can turn a regular card into its premium version.

Card Rarity and TypeMilling GainCrafting Cost
Common10 Scraps30 Scraps
Common Premium5 Scraps, 20 Powder200 Scraps
Rare20 Scraps80 Scraps
Rare Premium10 Scraps, 50 Powder400 Scraps
Epic50 Scraps200 Scraps
Epic Premium50 Scraps, 80 Powder800 Scraps
Legendary200 Scraps800 Scraps
Legendary Premium200 Scraps, 120 Powder1,600 Scraps

Since each keg contains five cards of various rarities, they effectively get more Scraps indirectly.

Get Scrappy in Gwent

Getting more Scraps in Gwent is usually just a matter of time and determination, and you should amass quite a stash by playing with your favorite decks. Seasonal changes can quickly make some cards better than others, requiring you to craft many new cards and use up most of your stash. Be vigilant in playing and optimizing your strategy, and you’ll always have a store at your disposal.

What cards do you always mill for Scraps? Let us know in the comment section below.

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