How to Beat the Path of Madness in Hero Wars


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Veteran Hero Wars players all dread Chapter 14 of the game’s campaign. The words “Path of Madness” aptly describe this ninth mission, as you need specific heroes even to have a chance at beating it.

How to Beat the Path of Madness in Hero Wars

The community hasn’t been idle, and some tips are floating around for beating Path of Madness. We compiled the most important ones for you. Following them will help you defeat the “Madness” of this mission.

What Do You Need?

The most crucial hero you need is Cornelius. He’s a Mage who fills in the Support role. You can take out the healer enemy with Cornelius on your team, which prevents most players from passing the first wave of enemies.

Without Cornelius, taking the Priest of Seymour out is practically impossible. We recommend spending some time leveling him up before taking him into Path of Madness, though. He doesn’t have to be very high, but the stronger he is, the easier the chapter becomes.

However, while you absolutely need Cornelius, there are a few other heroes we recommend bringing.

If you have Martha, you should add her to the team. Her healing skills are very practical, but you want her for her White skill,

Foremother’s Oath. This skill speeds the other heroes up, but it doesn’t just end here.

Enter Faceless and his Doppelganger White skill. This powerful skill lets Faceless turn into the ally or enemy who was the last to use any of their abilities. When he turns into that character, he will also use that skill.

Let Faceless copy Martha’s Foremother’s Oath skill, and you can enjoy more speed boosts. Having two of them active at once will make killing the healer enemy efficient.

These are the most important heroes to take with you to this mission. Next, we’ll talk about what steps to take during combat.

Tips for Beating the Path of Madness

The most important thing to keep in mind is to wipe out the Priest of Seymour quickly. Since he can heal his allies rapidly, you have to stun him to prevent the healing. Cornelius is the best hero for this job, though you can also use Cleaver, Luther, Corvus, and Jhu if necessary.

The second wave doesn’t have a Priest of Seymour, and you may let loose other characters’ skills. However, we recommend keeping both Cornelius and Faceless charged. This trick will make killing the third wave’s Priest of Seymour easier.

The other enemies aren’t too challenging to deal with, but the Priest of Seymour should be your priority target due to his healing ability. You’ll already be fighting against the clock, and if he manages to heal his allies, all your precious seconds will be in vain.

I’m Going Insane First

While the Path of Madness is rage-inducing and brutal, using the right team and heroes will make it possible to beat. Once you get used to countering Priests of Seymour, the battle becomes significantly easier, and you can finally complete this mission and move on.

What team did you use to beat the Path of Madness? How many times did it take for you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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