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There are dozens of Heroes waiting for you to collect in Hero Wars, and each of them has a unique background. One Hero that stands out is Martha, who lives forever with her likewise immortal tortoise Josephine. Martha is an excellent healer, but not everyone has her on their roster.

How to Get Martha in Hero Wars

If you’re looking to get Martha and add her to your team, you’re in the right place. Keep in mind that Hero Wars has two versions, one for the browser and another on mobile. Read on for the details.

Getting Martha on Browser

Hero Wars is free to play on a browser, and you can connect your Facebook account to play it. In this version, the only way to get Martha is to obtain her Soul Stones. Martha’s Soul Stones are available in Heroic Chests, but this only applies to the browser version of the game.

You’ll have to collect 30 of her Soul Stones to get her to two Stars. If you want to get her to Star Rank 6, you need to earn a total of 630 Soul Stones.

Each Heroic Chest will give you a maximum of 18 of her Soul Stones, and you’ll have to spend more before she gets to Star Rank 6.

Other than opening chests, you can wait for an event featuring Martha. If you notice one coming soon, make sure to try and get her. It may be a long time before such an event comes around again.

Getting Martha on Mobile

If you play Hero Wars on a mobile device, here are the tips you’ll need to get this Hero.

Instead of getting Martha from opening Heroic Chests, you can only obtain her Soul Stones from special events. Unfortunately, this difference from the browser version makes her much less accessible to players on mobile devices.

For players who missed the events, they’ll have to wait until it returns. Thankfully, the developers don’t plan to make her impossible to get with reruns to gain her Soul Stones.

Martha’s Skills

If you thought that the methods for obtaining Martha are the only differences across platforms, you’d be wrong. Her skills are the same across versions, but their precise stats and numbers aren’t the same. Here are her abilities and their stats:

White Skill: Foremother’s Oath

Martha helps all allies gain speed boosts.

On browser:

  • Speeds up allies for six seconds by 250% (1*Level + 120)

On mobile:

  • Speeds up allies by 240% (1*Level + 120) for six seconds

Green Skill: Secret of Longevity

Martha’s basic attacks will heal her when her projectiles hit an enemy. The more it travels, the more healing she gains.

On browser:

  • One projectile heals her up to 200,178 Health (24% Health + 400 * Level)
  • Two bubbles will restore 25,022 Health (3% Health + 50 * Level)

On mobile:

  • One projectile heals her up to 130,368 Health (24% Health + 400 * Level)
  • Two bubbles will restore 16,296 Health (3% Health + 50 * Level)

Blue Skill: Tea Party

Martha makes a totem appear to heal allies. However, it can be destroyed after taking too much AoE damage.

On browser:

  • Each ally gets to heal up to 77,586 Health for eight seconds (60% Magic attack + 250 * Level + 5,000)
  • Cooldown lasts for 15 seconds

On mobile:

  • Allies get eight seconds of healing, each tick up to 70,682 (60% Magic attack + 250 * Level + 5,000)
  • Cooldown lasts for 15 seconds

Violet Skill: Healing Brew

When a totem is on the field, allies get additional healing.

On browser:

  • The healing is increased to 134,611 (15% Health + 400 * Level + 6,000)

On mobile:

  • The totem’s healing becomes: 89,480 (15% Health + 400 * Level + 6,000)

Heals and Speed Boosts

Martha’s abilities can keep a team alive for much longer, and her speed boosts enable allies to deal greater damage per second. With the right combination of Heroes, you can defeat enemies impossible to kill otherwise. If she’s up for grabs, make sure to build her.

Do you have Martha? Who do you use her with? Let us know in the comments section below.

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