Hero Wars Best Heroes


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There will always be characters who rise above the rest in all video games. Hero Wars is no exception, as there are certainly Heroes who people consider the best. Their abilities are often superior to the low-tier characters, making them a better player choice.

Hero Wars Best Heroes

The metagame constantly evolves, but the community keeps itself up to date. If you want to know the best Heroes in the game, you are in luck. Read on to find out who to consider fielding.

Hero Wars Best Heroes

The best Heroes in the game are as follows:

  • Aurora

Aurora is a tank whose primary stat is Strength. On both mobile and PC, she is considered a top-tier character.

  • Astaroth

Astaroth is also a tank but can also function well in the support role. He also has Strength as his primary stat. His status as top-tier applies on both platforms.

  • Martha

Martha is a top-tier healer who happens to tank damage well. Her primary stat is Intelligence, and players on both platforms will love her abilities.

  • Lars

Lars is a mage specializing in crowd control and one of the best in his class on both PC and mobile. His primary stat is Intelligence.

  • Celeste

Celeste can control crowds and heal, excelling in both. Her primary stat is Intelligence, and both PC and mobile players will want her on their rosters.

  • Jorgen

Jorgen’s shields are perfect for protecting allies; he can steal energy and prevent enemies from gaining it. As one of the game’s best support units, he is the perfect choice for most situations. His primary stat is Strength.

  • K’arkh

As a warrior, K’arkh skillfully throws enemies into the air, and his Green ability lets Heroes gain energy when it blocks physical attacks. His primary stat is Agility.

  • Cleaver

Cleaver ranks as one of the best physical tanks in Hero Wars and can control enemies very well. Strength is his primary stat.

  • Krista

Lars’ sister, Krista, is also a mage, but she focuses on debuffs. She has incredible synergy with Lars too. Focus on Intelligence for her.

  • Yasmine

The serpentine warrior, Yasmine, deals heavy damage despite having powerful debuffs. She focuses on Agility.

  • Andvari

Andvari has a stunning ability and can also absorb damage decently. As befitting of his design, his primary stat is Strength.

  • Dorian
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Dorian is healing support, and all his abilities reflect this. He can even sacrifice his health to heal an ally. His primary stat is Intelligence, just like other magic users.

  • Galahad

He is your starter character but can be mighty with proper investments, upgrades, and team compositions. His primary stat is Strength, like many physical damage dealers.

Who to Choose?

Having these Heroes is not enough, as you need to train them before they become ready for combat. You must also know who to pair them with, or your team will be messy. A good character has to be used correctly before it can shine.

Who is your favorite top-tier here? Do you use any of them in team combination? Let us know in the comments section below.


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