Hideo Kojima on How Death Stranding 2 Improves on the First Game


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Fans thought Kojima Productions was gearing up for the announce of a new IP, but The Game Awards reveal ended up being for Death Stranding 2. With the sequel confirmed, Hideo Kojima talks a bit about how DS2 will be different this time around.

Hideo Kojima on How Death Stranding 2 Improves on the First Game

Talking to Brain Structure Podcast (via MP1st), Kojima explains, “ This a sequel, so it’s my second time working with Norman [Reedus] and the technology has really improved over the last three years. Things that were impossible before are now possible. So we have been really challenging ourselves.”

Kojima didn’t give any specifics as to what kind of ‘challenges’ he’s been giving the team, but you can always bet that he wants to up the ante when it comes to the next title—that’s how he’s managed to earn such a huge following when it comes to the gaming community.

Despite Kojima’s status though, there are still some fans who didn’t think that Death Stranding was all that great, and it’s also been teased to be a ‘sci-fi walking simulator’.  Even if you didn’t play the first game, Kojima says that he also has the new players in mind. He continues:

“I can’t say much yet. I believe a lot of people liked Sam, and I’m hoping those people return to DS2.    And in order to appeal to people who didn’t play the first one, I’ve made the game nostalgic, but also new.”

No release date has been set for Death Stranding 2, but you can catch the first game now available for PC and PlayStation.

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