Horizon 3 Confirmed with Multiplayer Spinoff Incoming


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One of the biggest franchises to launch on PlayStation recently was Horizon from Guerrilla Games. After Zero Dawn and Forbidden West, the studio is ready to push forward with more Aloy.

Horizon 3 Confirmed with Multiplayer Spinoff Incoming

Kotaku reports that there has been a reshuffling of positions on Guerrilla’s part, with Guerrilla co-head Angie Smets being appointed Head of Development Strategy at PlayStation Studios. Hela Schmidt will take over smets’ previous role, and the studio has released a statement:

“We have full confidence in our new leadership as they steer Guerrilla towards a bright future, expanding the world of Horizon with Aloy’s next adventure and our exciting online project.

Besides the two mainline Horizon games and their expansions Frozen Wilds and Burning Shores, we also have the VR spinoff Call of the Mountain. While a third Horizon game felt like a no-brainer for PlayStation, I wonder what the multiplayer spinoff will look like. I imagine they’ll use the large world and lore to be the source of action and quests, but Guerrilla could be going in a different direction.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see until things are officially revealed.

Here’s the official description for the Burning Shores DLC:

Coming to PlayStation®5 consoles on April 19, 2023. Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores sees Aloy pursue a sinister threat in the untamed wilds of Los Angeles, now a treacherous volcanic archipelago.

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores is now available for the PS5.

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