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There are many armor pieces and equipment that you can use throughout Horizon Zero Dawn. However, one of the most powerful armors comes from a side quest where you need to get five power cells scattered across the map and use them in a secret location. The Shield Weaver armor unlocked this way will make the final few quests much easier to complete.

Horizon Zero Dawn Power Cell Locations

This article will reveal how to find each of the five power cells and use them in the Ancient Armory to get this end-game armor. Note that some of these locations contain story spoilers.

Getting All Power Cells in Horizon Zero Dawn

While the last power cell becomes available quite late into the game since the location is quest-locked, you can track down all power cells after the “Mountain that Fell” mission line. However, since most places are relatively close to existing quest locations, finding power cells will be easier to manage as you go through the missions.

First Power Cell

Your first power cell can be found in the same underground bunker young Aloy fell in when exploring the Bunker Ruins. This power cell is not really close to any events, but you can find it quickly after the “A Gift From the Past” mission. The bunker has a ruins tag on the map near All-Mother Mountain. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go into the underground bunker, following the single path you’re able to walk through.
  2. When you reach closed doors, pry them open when prompted.
  3. Continue onwards, going up the stairs.
  4. When you reach the top of the stairs and enter the next section, you’ll hit a wall with closed doors on your left.
  5. Turn to the right, and you’ll see a path blocked by stalagmites and stalactites. Use a melee attack to clear the way.
  6. The power cell is located right inside the room.

Second Power Cell

This power cell can be found during the “The Womb of the Mountain” quest, as soon as you wake up after finishing the previous one:

  1. Find the equipment and speak to Matriarch Teersa.
  2. When you’re prompted to follow her to the left, go forwards instead.
  3. You’ll hit closed doors. To the left of those doors is a small ventilation shaft.
  4. Walk through the shaft into the next room and where the power cell is.
  5. You can now walk back and finish the quest.

If you’re retracing your steps, enter the All-Mother Mountain, go to the right, then walk into the first room on the left to find the power cell.

Third Power Cell

This cell is located in Maker’s End during the aptly named mission:

  1. Follow the path until you reach Faro’s office.
  2. In the office, find a scalable wall with yellow jutting pieces to climb.
  3. Go all the way up to the skyscraper.
  4. Turn to the right to see the final climbing part.
  5. The power cell is on the top.

This power cell can be found while doing the “Grave Hoard” mission. You don’t need to stray away from the path for this one:

  1. Follow the mission until you reach a locked ancient door.
  2. Complete the puzzle with the four lock dials.
  3. The power cell is inside the room behind the doors.

Fifth Power Cell

The last power cell can be a bit tricky, but there’s a neat shortcut. It is found during the “Mountain that Fell” quest in the GAIA Prime. However, you do need to wait until this quest as its location is locked until then. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go through the mission objectives until you talk to Sylens in his workshop.
  2. Your next objective will be to make your way forward by rappelling down.
  3. Instead of rappelling, go back and towards the nearest stone wall, with a jutting metal piece in front of it.
  4. Jump between the stone wall and the jutting metal, sticking towards the ledge. Aloy will stutter step a bit and land on the edge of a cave entrance.
  5. The cave leads directly to the room with the power cell.

With Power Keys Comes Great Power

With all power cells in your inventory, head to the Ancient Armor to get your hands on the Shield Weaver armor. It might not have any modification options, but it beats most if not all other available armor in the game.

Have you found a faster way to get power cells? Let us know in the comments below.

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