How tall is Dr Disrespect?


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It’s easy to get caught up in all the streamer and YouTuber nonsense of who said or did what. Here, though, we like to put a lot of focus on the goofier things. We’ve already dug into the heights of both Pokimane and Ninja. Now we’re going to do the same for the self-proclaimed two-time by answering this very simple question: How tall is Dr Disrespect?

How tall is Dr Disrespect?

The Doc is someone who likes to get up on occasion and dance. He’ll stand up and do WWE-style promos in front of his various green screen sets. These moments — along with several of his live appearances — have made it clear that Dr Disrespect is probably taller than your average human being. Let’s find out exactly how tall, though. Let’s put some of that knowledge out into the world.

Dr Disrespect is a towering 6-foot-8


When someone says that Dr Disrespect is tall, they’re pretty much doing the furthest thing from exaggerating. The Doc is 6-foot-8, which is right up there with your typical NBA player. That photo above? That’s him with MMA fighter Demetrious Johnson, who stands at 5-foot-3. The difference is gosh darn staggering. It’s no wonder people are asking, “How tall is Dr Disrespect?” The man looks like a giant next to just about any other person.

Surely with a frame like that, Dr Disrespect had to have played basketball, right? Yes indeed. He played for Division 2 Cal Poly. In fact, here are some clips of him in action.

Dr Disrespect has often claimed he has a 37-inch vertical leap, as well. On the H3 Podcast, he put his money where his mouth was — and put his head through the ceiling in the process.

You’ve gotta wonder how he sits comfortably for many, many hours a day being that large.

With that, you can consider ‘how tall is Dr Disrespect’ answered

Now that you know the true height of the two-time — well, you know. You have some info you may not have had before. This tidbit won’t truly shake the Earth to its core by any stretch. You’re not going to change lives knowing this. But hey, it was fun to dive into something that isn’t super depressing, wasn’t it?

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