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Completing aspirations and reaching milestones are some of the most enjoyable ways to play the Sims 4. You might feel a sense of fulfillment at crossing off a major goal from your simulated bucket list after putting in hours into your gameplay, apart from earning bonus traits and reward points.

How to Complete the Werewolf Aspiration in The Sims 4

Werewolves are no exception to dreaming big. Whether you want to become the leader of a pack or you become the next big, bad lone wolf, we’ve got you covered with these useful tips on completing werewolf aspirations below.

WAspirations Choices

The five aspirations included in the Werewolves pack are as follows:

  1. Werewolf Initiate
  2. Emissary of the Collective
  3. Wildfang Renegade
  4. Lone Wolf
  5. Cure Seeker

Werewolf Initiate

WAspirations 1B

Werewolf Initiate consists of fundamental tasks as you begin your life as a werewolf. Before unlocking the four other life paths, you must select this lifetime wish and complete the tasks under it. Here are the things you need to do:

Become A Werewolf

Create a Werewolf in CAS, ask a werewolf friend to get bitten, or purposely get werebies in the underground tunnels.

Level Up to Runt

Use your werewolf skills more often to earn ability points.

Experience Full Moon

Expect to transform into a werewolf against your will during the full moon.

Read Werewolf Books

Look for werewolf-themed books on the bookshelves or in the library and read them at least three times.

You will earn the Fanged Friends reward trait for accomplishing this aspiration. Fanged Friends slightly raises your relationship with your werewolf and non-werewolf peers.

Emissary of the Collective

Werewolf Alpha

If becoming the Moonwood Collective’s numero uno sounds like the ultimate dream, then you can select the Emissary of the Collective aspiration. Here are the tasks you must complete:

Join the Moonwood Collective

To start with, introduce yourself to the Alpha, Kristopher Volkov, and ask him about becoming a friend of the pack. You will be given trials to complete before you can be allowed to join the Moonwood Collective.

Socialize with Werewolf Friends

Become friendly with a lot of werewolves! You can frequent the Grimtooth Bar & Bunker, as this is where werewolves (and other occult creatures) habitually pass the time. Socialize with Werewolf friends at least four times to fulfill this task.

Be a Good Werewolf Ambassador

A good Werewolf Ambassador constantly upholds the pack’s ideologies that put all werewolves in a positive light. You will be closely monitored whether or not you will be bringing the pack’s values to fruition. Failure to meet the pack’s expectations will result in you getting kicked out by the Alpha.

  • Diplomacy: Avoid being mean and engaging in a lot of fights that go against what the pack stands for. That is to say, do not go biting human Sims and turning them into werewolves. Unlocking Werewolf Diplomacy and Transformation Mastery can help you in regulating your fury so that you can be less threatening to other werewolf and non-werewolf Sims.
  • Pack Participation: Build a healthy relationship with your werewolf peers and become a participative member by donating your extra resources to help them out. You can drop your donations at the Moonwood Collective hangout near the Volkov Residence.
  • Self-Sufficiency: Growing vegetables and fruits, catching fish, hunting resources, and cooking dishes are some of the activities you must constantly do to show your pack members that you can stand on your own feet.

Become Alpha of the Moonwood Collective

Kristopher Volkov has been the long-standing Alpha of his pack for years. However, if you think you are more worthy of being the Top Dog of your pack, you can try challenging Kristopher in a fight.

While you rise through the clan ranks, you could learn some werewolf abilities that can be extremely useful in a brawl. Learning the Alpha Wolf skill as you reach the Apex rank can raise your chances of dethroning Kristopher and becoming the leader of the Moonwood Collective.

Achieving this aspiration will reward you with the Refined Lupine trait, which makes you detest the feeling of going berserk, and thus, it will take some time before your fury meter goes up.

Wildfang Renegade

WAspirations 3

The Wildfang Renegade aspiration rewards you for joining the Wildfangs and removing their pack leader from power. Below are the responsibilities you need to fulfill:

Join the Wildfangs

Look for Rory Oaklow, who’s often found mingling with other werewolves in the Grimtooth Bar & Bunker and the Wildfangs hangout. Once you’ve become good friends, ask her if you can be a friend of their pack. After she agrees, the option to “Join Pack” will become available. But you will need to complete some trials in order to be welcomed to Rory’s group.

Turn Sims into Werewolves

The Curse Bearer ability is what you need if you want to turn someone into a Werewolf. Inflict the curse on any Sim you befriend three times to mark this task off the list.

Werewolf World Domination

Going against the Moonwood Collective’s age-old principles, the Wildfangs believe that werewolves should devote more to improving themselves and spreading their influence rather than trying to cultivate peace. Show your loyalty to your peers by inserting their pack values into your daily life.

  • Pack Participation: Attune to your packmates’ needs by getting along with them, providing them with gifts, and giving pack donations at their hangout.
  • Expand and Explore: Making the most out of life is the pack’s number one rule. And so you must go out of your way to explore Moonwood Mill and expand the werewolf population.
  • Self-improvement: Aim to learn as many werewolf abilities as possible and level up your skills, especially your Fitness skill. Hit the gym or jog outside consecutively to improve your body physique.

Become Alpha of the Wildfangs

To become triumphant in a match against Rory, level up until you reach the Apex rank, learn the Alpha Wolf ability, and max out your Fitness skill. Getting the Energized moodlet will also greatly help you overthrow Rory from her position as Alpha.

Defeating Rory will reward you with the Chomp Champion trait. With this attribute, you can transform into a werewolf without invoking negative emotions from the people around you. They will also likely think about joining the Wildfangs after witnessing you transform.

Lone Wolf

WAspiration 4

Those bold enough to start a fight with the notorious werewolf Greg can take up the challenge of finishing the Lone Wolf aspiration. Listed below are all the tasks you must carry out:

Level Up to Apex

Apex is the highest rank a werewolf can attain, but it may take a while before you can get to that level. You can build up your points and rank up by utilizing your werewolf abilities.

Unleash the Beast

Transform into a werewolf at least 25 times. Allow yourself to get overwhelmed with fury often to encounter plenty of werewolf transformations.

Spar with Werewolves

Provoke werewolves and exchange blows with them about five times.

Defeat Greg in a Brawl

Greg is an untameable force of nature who lives in a trailer on the north side of town. Before facing Greg, you need to be physically fit and have enough experience to defeat him. You can head to his home and provoke him by inspecting the warning signs near his trailer, preferably when you’re feeling Energized.

Becoming a bonafide Lone Wolf will earn you the Threatening Presence trait. This trait can make you exude an intimidating aura that can scare all kinds of creatures off.

Cure Seeker

WAspirations 5

Finding the cure for the lupine curse is the last lifetime wish you can fulfill under the Werewolf category. The following are what you will need to finish to achieve this aspiration:

Harvest Moonpetal

Moonpetal is a flower that only blooms when the moon is full, so you can only harvest it during that phase. The flower can be found at the peak of Howling Point in Moonwood Mill. And you will need to harvest Moonpetal about five times.

Collect Wolfsbane

Wolfsbane is less scarce than Moonpetal, and you can mostly find these purple flowers near the rivers or in the woods.

Craft Wolf-B-Gone

The cure for lycanthropy can only be crafted after you learn its recipe. First, you must unlock the Scavenger ability to be able to dig around Moonwood Mill for werewolf-related books and magazines. Other ways to find these books are by exploring the underground tunnels or traveling to the library.

Read these books three times to unlock the Lunar Epiphany dormant ability. Lunar Epiphany allows you to learn the secrets of Moonwood Mill by analyzing books about werewolves. 

The Wolf-B-Gone is mentioned in The Diary of Greggorious Lunvik and An Insider’s Guide to Being a Werewolf. Depending on your luck, you may need to read these books several times before you can learn the recipe for Wolf-B-Gone.

Using the bar, you can make Wolf-B-Gone with 3 Moonpetal flowers and 10 Wolfsbane flowers.

Drink the Cure

Consume Wolf-B-Gone to get rid of the werewolf curse forever.

Accomplishing this feat will reward you with the Lunar Link trait. Getting this trait will retain all the benefits you had with the moon phases when you were still a werewolf, including being able to howl.

And that is all you need to know about werewolf aspirations in The Sims 4. More news, articles, and guides on The Sims 4 can be found here on

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