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PES 2021 just came out, and as the biggest FIFA rival, it has improved very much from its predecessor. It’s very flamboyant with many new tricks, updated mechanics, and overall, more stable.

How To Do The Confetti Celebration In PES 2021

After your incredible goals, there follows a celebration. You need to do a celebration right to taunt your opponent or add the icing on the cake. There are many new celebrations in PES 2021, but the most interesting one is probably the confetti one.

So, we made a tutorial on how to do the confetti celebration in PES 2021!

How To Do The Confetti Celebration In PES 2021

There are also other fascinating celebrations. Each can be accomplished by going to a specific place or scoring a goal with your favorite player.

Every player in PES 2021 has its unique celebration, just like in real life. That’s why the game is so immersive because you feel like you are watching a game from such an immersive experience.

For now, we know that A. Griezmann can only do the confetti celebration. This is because Antoine Griezmann did this celebration to cherish his second goal in Barcelona a while back.

To do Confetti Celebration, you need to do the following:

  • Score a goal with A. Griezmann.
  • When you are at the screen before a celebration, go 2 meters before the Corner flag.
  • Before you pass or make only two steps after the out-line, click either X or Square. Depending on which console you play, you need to press either the pass or the long pass button.
  • Sound easy enough, but in practice, it shows otherwise. It can be challenging to pull this off. Nevertheless, it can be done, and it is probably one of the most fun celebrations in the game.

Maybe you have to run to a ball-boy for this to work because the original real-life celebration was done like this. Griezmann ran to a ball boy who gave him a chalk substance, which he threw in the air, making this a signature celebration.

If you aren’t a Barcelona fan or a Griezmann fan, then you are out of luck because Griezmann can only execute this trick. Good luck!

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