How to Breed Monsters in Monster Legends?


Valerie Harper

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The only way to succeed in Monster Legends is to build a powerful bestiary, which you can only do by breeding. It’s one of the primary activities in the game that requires a certain degree of knowledge. If you’re wondering how to expand your monster army, we’re here to help.

How to Breed Monsters in Monster Legends?

In this guide, we’ll uncover the breeding process in Monster Legends step by step. We’ll also explain how long-time monsters take to hatch, how baby monster stats are determined, and how to choose monsters to combine. Read on to discover how to create a robust and diverse monster team.

How to Breed Monsters in Monster Legends

The breeding process on its own is relatively straightforward. You’ll find the Breeding Mountain on the map near the Hatchery. The name speaks for itself – it’s where breeding monsters occur. Select it and tap “Breed.” You’ll see a table of all monsters available for breeding. Select two types you wish to combine, one from each column, and tap “Start Breeding.”

Once breeding is complete, tap “Take Egg” and move the egg to the Hatchery. You’ll see a countdown timer appear on the bottom of your screen.

Each type of monster requires a different amount of time to breed based on the monster’s rarity and level. The stats are determined randomly at the moment of breeding and aren’t affected by the level or rarity of parent monsters.

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Rare monsters take from 15 seconds to two hours to hatch, while Legendary and Mythic require a day and 22 hours. You can speed up the process by spending gold and gems. When the monster finally hatches, you can sell it immediately or place it in a habitat.

Monster Breeding Combinations

You can combine monsters of any rarity apart from Mythic and of any element except for opposing elements. In other words, you can mix and match monsters to your heart’s content unless they possess the opposite elements.

Most monster combinations have multiple possible breeding outcomes. For instance, take a look at some varieties you can get from breeding Firesaur:

  • Firesaur + Treezard = Greenasaur or Pandake, Epic
  • Firesaur + Rockilla = Firekong or Freettle, Rare
  • Firesaur + Thunder Eagle = Gigram or Tundenix, Rare
  • Firesaur + Genie = Pyrook or Djinn, Rare

You can only obtain some rare, Legendary, or Mythic monsters from breeding hybrids. The combinations to get such monsters aren’t disclosed and are constantly changed, but the information is usually quickly shared among players.

Remember that you cannot breed Mythic monsters further; only specific Legendaries are suitable for further breeding.

It’s All About the Odds

The breeding process in Monster Legends is relatively simple. The trick is finding the right combination to get the desired monster. Furthermore, it’s not rare for players to breed the same pair multiple times until they get a monster with good stats. Watch for updates about breeding events where you can breed even the rarest monsters to expand your army with new, truly powerful members.

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