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Talking about the audio test tones, these are mostlyspecial types of artificially created sounds. These are the sounds that you hear occasionally at the end of a video or whenever a TV station goes off the air. Yeah, you thought right, the sound that’s comes when you see a rainbow image on the TV screen. 

Test tones are ordinarily used for the following two things:

  1. Testing the quality of audio signal.
  2. For testing audio hardware system quality & recognizing faults.

Test Tones are generally used for external devices like sound level meter or audio spectrum analyzer. Thus, these test tones help you in testing audio equipment, headphones, loudspeakers and room acoustics. Few of them are also used during hearing therapy.

Failure of test tone play issue describes you that there is an issue between windows and sound devices used by your computer. This comes as an error message, if you have no sound and if you try to check that your sound device is working or not. Windows tells you all about this.

The issue arises for various Microsoft windows operating system users and has affected its versions. No sound means no computer user will experience anything happening on the computer screen and it’s the basic and important thing a computer should do. Few journalists call it a hardware issue, but it’s the software one. There are a few important things you can do to get rid of this error via software.

How to resolve in Windows 10 on Desktop PC:

Are you using a desktop computer and hearing no sound? Well, to get rid of this error, all you can do is try if you have sound using a diverse speaker or try a headset. If this doesn’t work for you, you can download the exact sound driver, especially for your computer.

And if you’re on a laptop:

Check if you can join your computer with an HDMI connection to an external display that got the sound support. You can use TV that has HDMI ports.

When you connect this, you can go through the succeeding steps:

  1. Choose the right “input source” on your TV (mostly it’s HDMI).
  2. Right-click the desktop & choose display settings>display only on 2
  3. Once it’s attached, simply right click on the “sound icon” on the low right part of the screen>playback devices>choose HDMI

After having done this, try to play mp3 or run software that plays sound. If this does not work for you, download the right sound driver that is easily accessible on the website of the company that created your laptop or desktop. 

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