How to get Cryosthesia 77K in Destiny 2


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It’s the Sidearm that’ll stop you in your tracks — the one that’s part regular gun, part freezy gun. I was particularly excited about Cryosthesia 77K back when Season of the Splicer was announced in the middle of 2021. I’m excited that more people can now get their hands on this gem. And now you, sir or madam, are probably wondering how to get Cryosthesia 77K in Destiny 2 so you can freeze bad guys and Crucible opponents as you please. Keep reading and you’ll find out.

How to get Cryosthesia 77K in Destiny 2

Cryosthesia 77K used to be a Seasonal Exotic

As I mentioned above, the original way to get Cryosthesia 77K was via the Season Pass from Season of the Splicer. As of Aug. 24, 2021, that Season Pass is gone and has been replaced with the one for Season of the Lost.

This carries some bad news in that you can no longer nab yourself Cryosthesia 77K by simply buying the Season Pass and pressing one single button. You can still get this Exotic Sidearm fairly easily, however. So if you’re all about getting cool weapons without doing a whole lot of work, scroll down to find the answer for how to get Cryosthesia 77K in Destiny 2.

Cryosthesia 77K can be purchased at the Monument to Lost Lights

Monument to Lost Lights

The Monument to Lost Lights in Destiny 2 is a sort of do-over machine. Did you skip out on a particular Season where the game featured a really cool weapon in a Mission, Quest, Raid or Season Pass? The Monument is your way to get that weapon if the content it originally came from has been phased out or vaulted.

This is where you’ll pick up Cryosthesia 77K, though it won’t come free. There is no getting this weapon without putting a bit of your own skin in the game, and that skin will be some of your precious resources. Here’s what you’ll need to have on hand:

Once you have all that, visit the Monument to Lost Lights in the Tower (near the Vault) and visit the section labeled “Beyond Light Exotics.” From there, you’ll find Cryosthesia 77K in the third slot. Hover over it, press the appropriate button to make the purchase, and it is yours.

That’s how to get Cryosthesia 77K in Destiny 2

If you’re a full-on Stasis Stan, you’ll have tons of fun using Cryosthesia 77K in conjunction with that build — especially in the Crucible. Freeze someone with an ability. Kill them. Freeze them with Cryo. Kill them again. You can get a nice rhythm going if you embrace the cold.

Have fun with this gun! And be sure to keep your eyes peeled in Season of the Lost for more Stasis weapons. Perhaps there could be more.

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