How to get Duality in Destiny 2


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In the world of Destiny 2, there are typically two types of Shotguns: pellet Shotguns and slug Shotguns. The first shoots pellets that cumulatively do more damage, but spread out the further you are from your target. The second shoots a single slug that isn’t quite as deadly, but also allows you to be more accurate from range. Now ask yourself this: what if you could have a Shotgun that combined the two types? That is Duality, folks. And if you’re wondering how to get Duality in Destiny 2, this is definitely the guide for you.

How to get Duality in Destiny 2

Duality was once a Seasonal Exotic

The Destiny 2 Season Pass is known to give players a freebie exotic at least once per Season, and in Season of the Hunt, that Exotic was Duality. By merely purchasing the Pass, you got this beast of a versatile Shotgun — no questions asked.

Now that Season of the Hunt is in the past, however, there’s no way to access that prior Season Pass. So you’ll have to nab Duality through a different (and similarly easy) channel.

Duality can be purchased at the Monument to Lost Lights

Monument to Lost Lights

If you’re an on again, off again Destiny 2 player, the Monument to Lost Lights is going to be your best friend. It’s basically a kiosk in the Tower — located near the Vault — that enables you to buy Exotics from past Seasons or from pieces of content that have been placed into the Destiny Content Vault. There is where you can get Duality now.

You’ll notice I said the word “buy,” however, and that’s because the process for how to get Duality in Destiny 2 is going to cost you some resources. So check your inventory and make sure you have the following.

Once you have all that on your person, open the Monument and head to the section called “Beyond Light Exotics.” There, you’ll find Duality sitting pretty in the very first slot. Go ahead and make the purchase.

And that’s how to get Duality in Destiny 2

Duality is a lot of fun in Crucible — perhaps more so than anywhere else — because it suits any style you want to play. If you’re a slide Shotgun fiend, hip fire and you’ll spray pellets. If you prefer precision takedowns, on the other hand, you can aim and fire that lone slug for max accuracy.

I recommend taking Duality into the Crucible to get a feel for it. It’s not quite as good as the best pellet Shotguns nor as deadly aiming down sights as, say, Chaperone. But that’s not what the gun is meant to be. It can be serviceable in both scenarios. So if you believe you’re someone who plays both types of Shotgun warrior, give this gun a go.

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