How to get Exit Strategy in Destiny 2


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Submachine Guns in Destiny 2 sit in a rather fun spot. They spit a heck of a lot faster than most Auto Rifles and are far more dangerous at close range. They’ll definitely catch a would-be Shotgun wielder by surprise if that ape is hoping to charge right through you and slide-shot for the kill. Today we’re talking about one that isn’t quite viable in the endgame anymore but is still fun for Crucible and Strike usage. Yes — you’re about to learn how to get Exit Strategy in Destiny 2. Buckle up.

How to get Exit Strategy in Destiny 2

Exit Strategy was a Gambit ritual weapon once upon a time

how to get exit strategy in destiny 2 gambit

Shadowkeep feels like it came out a million years ago, doesn’t it? Back then, the complete and utter nonsense that was sunsetting hadn’t quite stung us yet. All our old favorites guns were still viable. There was nary a Power Level cap in sight.

Exit Strategy had the unfortunate luck of debuting in that era — the one where all the older weapons eventually got caught up in being artificially limited. You could get it by completing the Seasonal Quest. It was a pretty decent Submachine Gun. But sunsetting eventually rendered it useless in all higher-level activities. Thus it was relegated to most Vaults forever.

You can’t get the gun via a Quest anymore. However, there is still a method for how to get Exit Strategy in Destiny 2. Let’s get into that right now.

Exit Strategy can be obtained at the Monument to Lost Lights

Monument to Lost Lights

The Monument to Lost Lights in Destiny 2 is a lapsed Guardian’s best friend. If you happened to miss out on some content that has since been — shudder, VAULTED — the Exotic and Legendary weapons from that content are probably available in the Monument. This is where you’ll find Exit Strategy.

However, the gun won’t come free or cheap. You’ll need to part ways with some currencies and resources in order to pick it up. Here’s what you should have ready to go:

With all of that on your person, head to the Monument (found near the Vault kiosks) and open it up. From there, navigate to “Legacy Gear,” then find the section labeled “Gambit Weapons.” Exit Strategy is sitting in the second-to-last spot.

And that’s how to get Exit Strategy in Destiny 2

As mentioned earlier, Exit Strategy is Power-capped due to sunsetting, which means you won’t be ripping and tearing with it in Nightfalls or leaning on it for Trials of Osiris. With that said, perhaps you’re the kind of player who needs to obtain every single weapon available regardless of whether or not it’s useful. If that’s you, this guide will be valuable.

Personally, I don’t quite understand why all of these weapons remain sunset even though no new weapons have been capped after Bungie rolled back that policy. It seems silly that just a few seasons of gear — awesome gear, mind you — got stuck in this rut. Hopefully the studio decides to bring these favorites back very soon.

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