How to get Legend of Acrius in Destiny 2


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Once upon a time, back when Destiny 2 first launched, every single Shotgun was a Heavy weapon. And the king of them all? Legend of Acrius, an Exotic Heavy Shotgun earned through a Quest tied to the Leviathan Raid. Fortunately, Bungie saw the error of its ways and allowed most Shotguns to become Special weapons again. But Legend remains Heavy, and that’s mainly due to the punch it packs. If you want to know how to get Legend of Acrius in Destiny 2 so you can see what we’re talking about, here’s what to do.

How to get Legend of Acrius in Destiny 2

Legend of Acrius is now a thing you can purchase

Back before the Destiny Content Vault ripped a bunch of awesome stuff out of Destiny 2, Legend of Acrius was obtained via a Quest. You had to repair a Shotgun frame, and then earn some currency in the Leviathan Raid in order to eventually turn that frame into a full fledged Legend of Acrius.

Of course, the Leviathan Raid is no longer in the game now, so completing that Quest is impossible in the present day. Fortunately, there is another option available.

Monument to Lost Lights

The Monument to Lost Lights in the Tower now serves as a home for weapons who’ve lost their Quests. So head there, but make sure you have the following currencies and materials in your inventory:

Why does this gun require Spoils of Conquest when so many others in the Monument don’t? As mentioned, this gun was originally tied to a Raid Quest. Weapons that have Raid connections in the Monument require Spoils of Conquest — a currency that drops in Raids — in order to be purchased.

With that, you know how to get Legend of Acrius in Destiny 2

I think you’ll really enjoy playing around with Legend of Acrius, especially if you’re brave enough to take it into the Crucible here and there. At one point, Legend was a huge meta weapon in PvP, with lots of players gunning for that Heavy ammo just so they could refill their Legend of Acrius Shotguns.

Now that Shotguns have mostly reverted back to using Special ammo, there aren’t a lot of dedicated Legend of Acrius wielders these days. But perhaps you could use that to your advantage. Perhaps — if you’re the sole person rocking it — your opponents will never see it coming.

Good luck.

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