How to get Legendary Shards in Destiny 2


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So you want to make some upgrades. Or perhaps you want a fancy new Weapon from the Monument to Lost Lights. The problem? You need Legendary Shards to achieve whatever end you’re after. And thus, you need to know how to get Legendary Shards in Destiny 2.

How to get Legendary Shards in Destiny 2

If you’re in this predicament, fear not: this guide is here to help. By the end, you’ll be current on where you can get Legendary Shards (at least where Season of the Lost is concerned).

Let’s get to it.

You can get Legendary Shards from the Season Pass

One method for how to get Legendary Shards in Destiny 2 involves getting as much XP as you can. Do that, and you’ll level up your Season Pass. Once you hit a couple of tiers in the first half of the Pass — both on the paid and free sides — you’ll get 25 Legendary Shards as a reward.

You’ll notice I said “in the first half,” however, and that is because the game assumes by the time you reach the halfway mark you’ll be in the endgame and will no longer need the Legendary Shards. So if you find you’re short, you’ll have to move on to some of the other sources.

Spider has Legendary Shards available

Have you paid a visit to your friendly neighborhood Spider lately? If that name doesn’t ring a bell, head on over to the Tangled Shore and visit the Spider’s lair in Thieves’ Landing. Once you open up his vendor screen, you’ll be greeted by a number of Bounties, plus a row of resources Spider will be more than happy to trade to you.

If you’re lucky, you’ll arrive on a day when Spider has Legendary Shards available. If not, you’ll unfortunately have to dip out and try again after reset. Spider’s inventory is seemingly random, so it’s not exactly a surefire way to get Legendary Shards if you desperately need them. And that leads us to your final option.

Dismantling Legendary Gear will net you Legendary Shards

The last avenue for how to get Legendary Shards in Destiny 2 is quite simple. If you have something Legendary in your arsenal — whether it is a Weapon or a piece of Armor — dismantling it will give you back Legendary Shards.

Obviously, this isn’t optimal if you aren’t looking to part with any of your gear. But play a few rounds of Crucible and you should have more than enough Legendary Weapons and Armor Pieces to safely dismantle some of them. No one said obtaining these Shards would be fun! Destiny 2 is a grindy game, folks. This is part of that grind.

And that’s how to get Legendary Shards in Destiny 2

Hopefully this guide helped you narrow down where exactly you can get Legendary Shards at the moment. Since Destiny 2 is a living game, its mechanics are always subject to change. But we’ll be sure to make updates to this page (and others) should Bungie decide to change how Legendary Shards are acquired.

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