How to get Lumina in Destiny 2


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Destiny 2 has always contained a bunch of RPG elements, but it wasn’t until the Exotic Hand Cannon Lumina came along that players could go full-on healer. Does that kind of support role sound like your jam? Do you want to buff your allies with healing bullets while in the midst of battle? If so, you probably want to know how to get Lumina in Destiny 2. Here’s what you need to do.

How to get Lumina in Destiny 2

Lumina once had a full Quest tied to it

As recently as last year, you had to do quite a bit of work to finally land yourself a Lumina. There was a whole quest that involved running Blind Well, completing a Nightfall with a decent score, getting kill streaks, defeating Guardians in Crucible, and more. The biggest pain was perhaps the Gambit step, which required you to kill invaders before they took one of your teammates down. There was many a frustrating night spent trying to do that part.

Now that the Destiny Content Vault has sucked a bunch of locations and Quests out of the game, however, this path to getting a Lumina is no longer viable. Fortunately, there is another avenue for how to get Lumina in Destiny 2. It’s not anywhere near as difficult, but you may see that as a good thing.

Buy Lumina from the Monument to Lost Lights

Monument to Lost Lights

Because the old way of getting Lumina is gone, Bungie has placed the weapon in the Monument to Lost Lights, which is located in the Tower. You’ll need to go there to get it, but first, make sure you have the following:

When you’re sure you have all of that at the ready, go ahead and open the Monument, and then jump into the section called “Forsaken Exotics.” Once you’re in there, you’ll see Lumina seven spots over from the left. You should be able to purchase it from there.

Lumina is a decent Hand Cannon in its own right, but the gun’s Noble Rounds — its “healing bullets” — are what set it apart from other options. Try it out the next time you take on a particularly challenging activity! Your fireteam will thank you.

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