How to Get Money Fast in GTA 5 (Story Mode)


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Learn how to get money fast in GTA 5!

How to Get Money Fast in GTA 5 (Story Mode)

There are not many things you can spend your money on in GTA 5. But they usually cost the player a ton of cash whenever something can be bought with money in Los Santos. *cough* cars.

We’ve listed some surefire ways to get money quickly in GTA 5 to ensure you’ll never go short on those sweet green notes.

How to get money fast in GTA 5

ATM Robberies

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Even indirectly, players can use ATMs in GTA 5 for some quick cash.

NPCs will randomly walk up to and use ATMs scattered around Los Santos to withdraw some cash. Naturally, the NPCs will walk around with extra money in their pockets after using the ATM, but not for long.

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After the NPC has successfully withdrawn cash from the ATM, players can quickly incapacitate or kill the NPC to take all their money.

Ensure no other NPC is in the area so they can’t alert the cops after you’ve committed the crime.

Ammu-nation Glitch

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There are not one but two cash registers in Ammu-nation stores that players can loot for some quick cash in GTA 5. However, the looting doesn’t have to end the first time.

A money glitch exists specifically for Ammu-nation stores where players can exit after looting the cash registers and take a few steps from the store. After a while, the cash registers will automatically “fix” themselves, and the player can then destroy the cash register again to collect the money inside. Rinse and repeat.

Players can do this almost infinitely to get money fast in GTA 5.

Trevor’s Farm Day

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Every Thursday in the Daytime, Trevor can access a small road that leads to a dead-end at Mount Chiliad.

The small road leads to a heavily guarded weed farm, where players can loot the building for quick cash. ($60,000 minimum can go to an even higher random number)

Players can return and re-do this event with Trevor as often as possible to get money in GTA 5.

Save the Mob Boss’ Daughter (Random Event)

On one of the dirt roads towards the northern area of Paleto Bay, players will encounter a Random Event where two crooks are preparing to take out and bury a girl.

After successfully saving the girl from the bad guys, she later admits to being none other than Sammy Bottino’s daughter, Antonia Bottino.

After taking her to Vinewood Hills, she will give you a call and wire you $60,000 courtesy of Antonia’s dad – Sonny – himself.

Gray Nicholson and his stolen bicycle (Random Event)

Be on the lookout for a blue marker around Little Bighorn Avenue in the Rancho District, as it might just be a kid named Gray Nicholson who needs help getting his stolen bicycle back from a thief.

You might not care about some random kid and his stolen bicycle, but trust us, get that bicycle back for the kid because he will thank you for it – $100,000, to be exact.

Money Talks

Making millions in GTA 5 will take some time. But keep going at it, and soon, you’ll be rolling around Los Santos with a seven-digit bank account.

Most of these methods are re-doable, meaning players can get a steady cash stream by simply returning and replaying some of the events featured in this guide.

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