How to get Null Taste in Destiny 2


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One of the early Quests you get in the Destiny 2 Dawning event asks you to bake some treats for the Drifter. Sounds easy enough, right? The way you get ingredients is by killing things. As a Guardian, that’s your full-time job. But here’s the problem: try as you might, there’s one ingredient you can’t figure out. You need to know how to get Null Taste in Destiny 2. You think you know the answer. But you keep killing and killing and nothing happens.

How to get Null Taste in Destiny 2

We’re here to tell you that you aren’t crazy. Here’s the scoop.

You get Null Taste by getting kills with Void abilities and weapons

You probably suspected this. If so, pat yourself on the back. “Null and Void,” right? Void kills should grant you the Null Taste ingredient. That’s what you need — along with Taken Butter and Dawning Essence — in order to make those Dark Chocolate Motes for Drifter.

That’s the answer for how to get Null Taste in Destiny 2 — doing exactly what you thought, either using Void subclass abilities or Void-powered weapons. But as someone who has been playing and experiencing this event right along with you, I get why you might be skeptical.

The problem here is really a combination of two things

There are issues with the system Bungie uses for this.

First, Dawning ingredients aren’t just based on element (like Void) but also the type of weapon you’re using and the type of enemy you’re slaying. So killing a Taken enemy with a Void Sword could get you Taken Butter, Sharp Flavor or Null Taste. Any type of ingredient drop is already rare as it is, but when drop time comes, the game has several options to choose from.

And second, based anecdotally on my own play, the weight of those drops seem to favor enemies and weapon type disproportionately. I suspect that is by design, as Bungie likely wants one type of ingredient to be a bit harder to get than the other types. Otherwise you could just blow through the Quests and not spend hours grinding for enough Null Taste to make your treats.

Sadly, that’s how to get Null Taste in Destiny 2

I managed to get Null Taste to drop through Void kills using Hard Light. That gun, by the way, is a great one to tote around if you know you’re going to need to change elements quickly and want a weapon that has infinite ammo.

My advice to you if you’re having trouble getting this ingredient to drop is just persist. I promise it’ll happen at some point. And I wish I had a better answer for you for how to get Null Taste in Destiny 2. But this is the truth, which is the best I can do.

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