How to get Point of the Stag in Destiny 2


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I’m very much a Bow man in the world of Destiny 2. I loved my Subtle Calamity with all my heart. I pretty much have a Bow on at all times. One that’s a good all-around choice is Point of the Stag. It packs a Precision frame and comes stock with Vorpal Weapon. It’s no Subtle Calamity, but still, you should know how to get Point of the Stag in Destiny 2 — if only to fill in your collection.

How to get Point of the Stag in Destiny 2

Ready? Let’s dive in.

Point of the Stag used to come from Iron Banner

These days, Iron Banner is really only useful for its Pinnacle Quest rewards. Once upon a time, however, Bungie was constantly packing it full of cool new weapons. Point of the Stag was one of those weapons during one of those seasons. You completed an easy (but long) Quest in order to get it.

Unfortunately, that Point of the Stag Quest is no longer present in the game. Bungie has moved on and removed the path toward an earned PotS entirely. The good news is, there is another way to get the Bow. Lean in, young lad (or else scroll down) and let me tell you the tale of how to get Point of the Stag in Destiny 2.

Point of the Stag can be purchased in the Tower

Monument to Lost Lights

Right now you’re probably thinking, “Wait, I can buy it? That’s it? No shenanigans?” Indeed you can. You can walk your fine Guardian self to the Tower right this instant, head on over to the Monument to Lost Lights and get yourself Point of the Stag. No small print.

Well, some small print.

You need Glimmer and some other resources in order to purchase the Bow. Here’s what they are:

Once you have all that, open the Monument, then browse over to the section called “Legacy Gear.” Open that and, when you’re in, look at the very last item in the “Crucible Weapons” row. There is your Point of the Stag. Now go get it.

And that’s how to get Point of the Stag in Destiny 2

If you’re a Bow connoisseur, Point of the Stag is nice for Cruicble play. Vorpal Weapon makes chipping away at Supering opponents a much more efficient process. The accuracy on it isn’t bad, either. And if you’re good at bobbing and weaving, you can outgun Scouts and most Snipers thanks to the range.

Take it into some PvP and see what you think of it. I happen to believe that’s where it plays best, but if you find some utility for it in PvE, good on you.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Be sure to check back for more guides and how-to articles for Destiny 2.

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